Monday, January 03, 2011

Body After Baby Challenge Week something I'm way behind on my body after baby challenge from over at mama notes. It has been crazy and I definitely took time off for Christmas. So that being said, I had lost a total of 3lbs before Christmas, I gained it all back +1lb over the 2 weeks around Christmas (my mom was in town and I baked a lot) and have since lost 1.5lbs. So...I am over all down .5lbs from where I started. Oh well.

I will say that while my wonderful, precious, funny, sweet mom was here, I overdid it at every meal. I over ate, ate too many sweets, stayed up too late, and was generally unhealthy. But I was having fun. That counts for something, right? Well...I also noticed that I had a general feeling of unwell. I was full, bloated, tired, and had indigestion. So, when I said goodbye to my mom very early at the hotel in Guatemala City, I decided that I was so sad, and to not feel worse, I would try to feel good physically. Since then (Sat. early morning), I have eaten better (not over eating), drank more water, gone to bed earlier (but I still have a waking teething baby and a 5 yr old with leg cramps), and eaten a lot fewer sweets.

I am still eating my token piece of peppermint bark, but I'm not doing it at 10pm after a piece of pecan pie and a huge dinner. I am feeling a lot better, and back on track.

As far as exercise: I don't get any. I'm too tired to cut out any sleep, and I just can't figure out how to work it into my routine right now. Brandon's parents are in the country for the next two weeks, so maybe I can use them to take care of kids while I exercise. I did take the dog and the kids to the park today and ran around with them a bit. goals...keep up my water intake, try to find a chance to exercise, and no sweets late at night.

Oh, and since the last BAB post, my mom got a stomach bug, Brandon got strep throat, I got the stomach bug (or maybe it was just junk food and exhaustion b/c I got over it quickly), my kids had a school program, we had Christmas celebrations, and we traveled to and from Guatemala City. I've been a little busy!

Thanks for reading...for those other Body After Baby participants, I'm sorry I've been out of the loop, but I'm back in with a vengeance.

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