Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick family

Many of you know that we have had some sickness in our home. First Brandon got it with some tummy troubles. It lasted one night.

Then I got it. It lasted 5 days. Then Brandon got it again and GirlM got it. They got over it really quickly.

Then BoyD got a serious cold/cough. (103 degree fever under arm!) It went into an ear infection about the time that Brandon, BabyK, and I got it. The next day GirlM came down with it. BabyK and GirlM are still fighting the cough, but are mostly better. Brandon and I are feeling much better.

Here are a couple of photos to document our sicknesses:

Don't these kiddos look charming?

And now our booger-sucker broke. Kind of a problem, but the bulb syringe is working O.K. for now.

We are so glad that we are better! It feels good to be well.

Video of GirlM

Here is a video of GirlM. I wanted to post it on the last blog, but it wouldn't load. days of trying.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A (late) Mother's Day post.

I thought it would be fitting this Mother's Day to fill in everyone on why my job is the best job in the world. (I'm going to make up for lost time with a few extra photos of BabyK)

I have a 3 month old son BabyK. He is so precious! He is a very smiley,laughy baby. He really only fusses if he gets over tired. He was sleeping 9 hours a night, but didn't gain enough weight last month so I am having to wake him up in the night to feed him. Sometimes he stops nursing just to look up in my eyes and smile and giggle! And once I start to smile back (who could help it?), meal time is over and I have to try again in a couple of minutes.

He is officially a thumb sucker! He only uses his pacifier at night when he is falling asleep because his arms are tucked by his side in his swaddle blanket!

I also have a 2 year old GirlM. She is a drama queen! We are in the battle of the whine right now. She is also VERY attached to me. At meal times, she wants to be touching me while we eat. If I go upstairs, she wants to "go wit-u." In the kitchen, she will just come and stand between my legs. She is still tiny, but eats enough to keep her alive! :)

She loves to play with her princesses. (A little people castle set) And she has them talk to each other..."where daddy is?...I don know...I go to sleep...Don wake me up!," etc. It cracks me up. And she is learning from her brother. She says everything he says.

She is also very sensitive. She accidentally popped BoyD's balloon while he was napping, and when I said "oh, GirlM!" in just a surprised voice, she started with "i sorry, I sorry, I SORRY" and continued that way crying, grieving and apologizing. It took a good 3 minutes to get her to calm down so that I could tell her not to worry, that we have other balloons.
(There is supposed to be a video here of GirlM...I can't get it to I will post it in a separate blog in a little bit.)
I have another boy, BoyD who is 4 years old. He talks non stop. All the time. And he uses very mature phrases like "This is just so frustrating!" and "Actually." He cracks me up. He makes up stories about every toy, and makes up songs. He even makes up songs in Spanish!

And, he is reading! Just short vowel words now, but he really wants to learn. He is taking piano lessons, and I think that the material is too easy for him so he gets bored. Not sure. He is a very funny and a very sweet kid. He told Brandon the other day that he wanted to go to a little devotional (we were visiting a friend on a mission trip here) because he wanted to learn how to love Jesus more. And every time we read the resurrection story, he gets so excited and says, "He conquered death!" "He rose again!" or "He didn't stay dead!" It just makes my heart happy!