Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Body After Baby: 30 day challenge

Another Body After Baby Post: I don't have much to post regarding my progress because I haven't checked my weight or my measurements since last Friday morning. I will check again this Friday morning. I normally weigh myself every day (or thereabouts) but I am resisting the urge.

I can say that I have had 64+ oz. of water every day. I have worked out every day but Saturday. I am really liking the Workouts on Demand website. I have done 2 different salsa dance videos (not hard but a fun way to get active) and part of a kick boxing one. Tomorrow morning I will be doing a total body toning one with hand weights. I slept late (until 6am) this morning, so I only had like 20 minutes and I didn't get much done.

The other mornings I did some interval training up and down my street (sprinting, lunges, sprinting, calf raises, sprinting, stretches). I have been watching my portion sizes and have cut down drastically (except dinner last night and lunch today) I lost a little motivation today, so this blog could not have come at a better time.

I really just need to get more time in for exercise. Every day I have to be a mom, be a wife, get time in the Word (usually only happens b/c I have my Bible in the bathroom! TMI, right?), practice my guitar, manage my home, teach my kids, sew, and on occasion, bathe. LOL! That means 5:30am wake up times or it just doesn't all get done.

So tomorrow I am going to get up at 5:30 and be on my street by 6am. I really want to try to get in another 20min. or so of the strength training on Workouts on Demand. We'll see what time the kids get up.

I will post on Friday for anyone that might care regarding my specific progress.

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Andrea said...

I hear you on the urge to weigh yourself more often, I struggle with that too and then get discouraged if I don't lose a little weight each day.

Nice work getting up in the morning to exercise, I have tried but failed repeatedly at doing so. Keep up the great work!