Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are my kids really a mirror?

I've been watching my kiddos lately. I mean, I always watch them...but I've been watching them in the context of how they behave in relation to how I behave.

The other day BoyD and I were carrying his leggos into his bedroom while picking up the playroom. I was carrying a plane that he had been working very hard on. Well, I dropped the plane and it fell to the ground and broke apart into quite a few pieces. I said "Oh, BoyD, I am so sorry!" and he said, "Its no problem, mommy. Don't worry about it!" Wow. At that moment I thought that maybe Brandon and I maybe did something right. Maybe he learned that attitude from me!

Then, later that same day, BoyD was frustrated with GirlM about something and I see him with clenched fists yell at her through clenched jaws, "GirlM...get over here now" It was like looking in the mirror when I get mad at him. Of course he isn't allowed to talk to her that way (or to us either), but then why am I allowed to be so disrespectful to him? So...he learned that one from me as well! Ha-ha!

So...when you look at your kids, do you like what you see? Do you like your kids? Do they have cheerful attitudes. Are they grouchy, kind, angry, peacemakers? Do you think that this is really a reflection on you as a parent or just a personality quirk, or a combination?

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Schweers' Mom said...

Ahh, such wisdom!

When Grayson was born, my in-laws brought Reagan to the hospital to see his new baby brother. On the way, someone in another car cut them off and Reagan yelled from the backseat, "Get out of the way! Idiot!" (Or something like that.) Wow.

It is fun to watch them get older and see their personalities meld with their genetics. Of course as they get older, they probably spend more time like any adult, learning how to live by the Spirit (thankfully) and so may not look like mom or dad at times, but more like Jesus!