Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Walk a Mile or Two?

"If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles." Matthew 5:41

Someone is trying to force us to go one mile. I am going to be speaking metaphorically for a while, so bear with me. Our situation isn't a perfect metaphor.

My first reaction to this mile forcer is "Wait, you have no right to force us to walk that mile. We are individuals with certain wants and needs, and you can not force us. It is not right."

Then my next reaction is " Wait, we just can't possibly walk that first mile (especially not the extra) because we have a family: a toddler, a baby on the way in Jan, and we are leaving the country in 6 weeks! We just don't logistically have the option of walking at all! There just isn't time. I personally just can not handle it." Then I wonder if I just don't have the faith to walk that mile or two and trust that God will handle the details.

Next comes "Jesus says to not only go that one mile, but go with him two. WHAT? Now that would be much easier, if we were really talking about walking miles, but we aren't, are we? We all know that Jesus was giving broader instructions than just feet to the pavement for 5,280 feet. So where does that leave us??"

Ok...I have gone back and forth between these three things over and over and over...and I have no conclusions. I also keep coming back to the question: Who is more or him? And does that even really play into this? And the me or him question is easier to answer than the us or him when you bear responsibility for two children. I read this morning in Psalm 143:10 "Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground."

Here are the questions that I desire your responses to: 1. What would you do? Walk the mile or no...walk the two? How do you justify your answer?

2. How do you apply this verse in Matthew? Where is the line for you as to what is a reasonable time to say..."No. You can't force me to walk this mile, so I won't, or I just can't" if there ever is a reasonable time to say that.

3. I want to know your general feelings about what I have written. I am looking for clarity, and I am waiting for the Lord to teach me to do His will. Most likely it looks different than the World's answers to these same questions.

That Psalm is my prayer because I, in my limited vision can not see tomorrow. I can't undertsand other people's motives. I can't be the judge. I can't see what is best. And most of all, I don't know how to apply the Word of God here. I must be taught. I must trust Him to lead our family through Brandon. I must trust God in ways that I have not before. I must trust Him to solve a problem in the immediate that is to us, unsolvable. Please pray for us as you respond. And please respond.


cookiehawk77 said...

Sorry this is long, but you asked! First, this sounds (and feels) familiar. No one is forcing me to do something. Just urging strongly.

In thinking about Jesus's command, He never tells us to question why the person compels you to walk a mile. But I always want to know why.

I don't think the line is always clear. Obviously, if it caused to you disobey God or go against your convictions, you should say no (or maybe re-analyze the convictions). But answers to situations like this are not always clear cut or even the same for everyone.

God says His Word is a light for our feet. We want a spotlight or beacon. He usually gives us a tiny flashlight -- just enough to take the next step. May God give you clarity on the next step.

Hugs & prayers!

eleventh hour said...

God, I lift this sister up and ask that you give her rest, and strength, and clarity and peace. Please fill her heart with comfort. You know the way for them, and you will reveal it.

I strongly encourage you to hold the bible's instructions on this loosely. There are times to walk the mile, and there are times to "ask, seek, knock" for your own way. Only the Holy Spirit knows which it is time for. No matter what you decide it seems God's leading is, the Lord will work it out both for your good and for the good of all his children. He is a very big God, and you really can't mess up what He is making!