Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sick of Diarrhea.

BabyM has it again. 3 days of diarrhea and not eating. Remember the story of her pooping in the tub? Actually, I don't remember if I blogged about that one. She pooped in the tub, and although I was in the bathroom with her, it took me about 5 seconds to notice and she might have put bathwater in her mouth. I mean, I didn't see her do it, but she puts a lot of things in her mouth, so I wasn't sure.

It appears that she did...or she put someone's poop in her mouth, because she has another infection. Thankfully there is a lab just down the street, and we didn't even have to make a dr. appointment. It is a little routine by now so I just called the doc and we picked up the lab order, delivered the poop and the results of the tests, and called him back to find out what she needed to take.

I am really tired of this battle. I don't know if we are going to be battling this as long as we have kids, as long as we live in a 3rd world country, or what. And I am also sick of hearing how some babies are just small, and don't worry so much, and she'll eat when she wants to, and "my baby was the same way." Unless you have lived in a 3rd world country where your baby has had chronic diarrhea and therfore anemia and being (according to the doctor) grossly underweight, you don't understand the stress when your baby won't eat for 3 days. Or when you don't have to change a diaper more than 2 times a day b/c she won't drink anything either.

Don't get me wrong. She really is fine. She has been eating fairly well since we got back from the states (in Feb), yet she just can't seem to get ahead on her weight. I don't even want to know what she weighs now. It will just depress me and there is nothing I can do about it. Every couple of weeks she has something new (a cold, a sore throat, we are travelling, diarrhea, teething) and doesn't eat much. We can't even get an accurate reading on her weight, b/c she loses every time one of these things happen.

But she's beautiful and fun and charming.

She is also super fussy, which makes sense since she can't be feeling all that well.
She rubs food in her hair when she's finished eating.
You can point to her and in a very serious voice demand "Be cute!" and she smiles and acts very demure and sweet.
When we sit down in her chair in her room before naps and night time, she points to her nightstand and says "boo k" while sighning book with her hands.
When I take her clothes off (for whatever reason) she says "I wan batch" which means that she wants a bath.
"unch" means she wants a drink, "bah" with her tongue sticking out at the end means "ball." She even says "I wan datch" or "I wan ditch" which is "I want that" and "this" respectively.
She sings the ABC's along with her leapfrog toy (all the letters are variations of eh, ah, ot, oot, it, aht).
She also dances by sticking out her rear end and sort of bouncing.
Anytime anyone claps, she claps, and she throws a monster fit if she doesn't get what she wants. If she is tired, she will lay down on the tile floor, and she startles big time if you "catch" her doing something she knows that she shouldn't.
She loves to "talk" on the phone and she loves to play with BoyD's dinosaurs and race cars.
She just copies him and plays with them like he does.
She also "steels" things from people and then tries to hide them under her arm when confronted.
She's a sneeky little booger that likes to get scared (like I hide around a corner and say "boo" when she comes into view.)

Anyway, keep praying for her.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey all! I just wanted to post a quick update on our weekend conference with CAM. First of all, it was so much cooler than I had anticipated. Not that I thought it would be bad, I just wasn't looking forward to traveling the 4.5 hours to and from the city, sleeping away from home, not getting to do my to-do list, and sleeping all of us in one room.

Here we all are in the courtyard. Except BabyM was not looking at the camera:

It was actually so much fun. We are on a team with 5 other couples. They are all so incredibly awesome! I mean, we have so much fun just being around all of them. There is one couple who have been on the field for over 50 years. One couple have been here for almost that long, and the husband's grandfather gave the gospel to the Mayan's in the area in which we live. Another couple got here around the time that we did and are retirees that run the CAM retreat center! Poor them! :) Another couple is living out in the boonies running a camp, and they have made some serious creature comfort sacrifices. Finally, there is a couple with 4 young kids that live in a village that has no grocery store! They shop completely at the market, and have to take a boat ride to get to a store. We are in the company of greatness! We laugh, play games, and just chit chat. It was so fun to get to spend time with all of them.

Aside from that wonderfulness, we had a few setbacks, as always happens on road trips with little ones. First of all, we left BoyD's tag (his blanket that he sleeps with and holds while he sucks his thumb) at home. BIG mistake. Friday night he didn't go to sleep until 11, and that was after waking BabyM up several times and Brandon pinning him down on the bed until he finally wore out.

Then, Saturday night, he went to bed fine, but started throwing up at 11:30 every half hour until 5:22 am. I mean, poor baby, he would just start throwing up while he was still asleep and I would have to pick him up and hold his little head over the bucket. He would say "no more! No more!" when he was only half way done and he would fall back asleep before his head even hit the pillow.

Sunday, he did great, didn't take much of a nap and didn't eat much, but was otherwise fine!

Then, Monday, on the drive back, BabyM got car sick and threw up all over herself and her seat. It ended up taking us about 6 hours to get home, including major traffic leaving Guatemala city.

We did get home and I drove for the first time in the city and on the way home from the city. Brandon was driving our "new" car and I followed in the minivan.

We now have a 4 wheel drive Honda Passport for Brandon to drive when he goes into the out into the boonies! We are totally pumped about it! Check out Brandon's blog to see more.

Ok...very soon I am going to post a challenge. Maybe in a couple of days, so check back.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Really crappy news.

Just to get the word out, I had a miscarriage last night. That's the problem with sharing news early. We are doing fine, and are very disappointed. Thanks for your thoughts, and we are looking forward to sharing some good news soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

BabyM: Up Close and Personal.

I had to show her off a little bit. I can't believe that she is getting so big! Well..not really big per se, but she certainly is growing up.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scott Family Easter - 2009

It worked! Video is at the bottom.

Easter is such a glorious time. Oh, how I miss my family in the states and in Haiti. We tried to do the traditional Easter things here. We actually have it pretty good, because we have two sets of Easter tradition. The American version with dying eggs, the Easter bunny, getting new dresses/suits, etc, is really not a part of Easter here. Here they have special food and they give each other bread and hot chocolate (not Swiss mix) in pretty cloth napkins, and have processionals and carpets made of sawdust.

So I have two Easters to share with you. This first one is the American version. The video at the bottom is kind of long (8 1/2 minutes) so you may not want to watch the whole thing...unless you are Mi-Mi and Grammy and Grandpa, in which case you will probably want to watch it over and over. I mean...don't get me wrong, it is cute, but it is the entire easter egg hunt on tape.

This is when we dyed eggs with a kid from down the street. He had never done it, but saw it once on TV, so was excited to try it. His mom is a dear friend of mine. They go to our church, and she is always present at our women's Bible study that we have here at our house.

The eggs turned out so well. The whole process was much nicer than I expected, and we didn't even have a "kit". We dyed them the old fashion way...well...with food coloring! :)

BoyD was super proud of his first egg.

This is today (Easter morning). BoyD got a chick for Easter. I always wanted one, so I bought this one in the market for 50 cents. We are doing our best to keep it alive! If we end up with a rooster, we will give it away, otherwise, we might have fresh eggs in the future!

This is my beautiful little princess in her Easter dress. (Thanks, Mi-Mi) I had to pin it in the back, b/c it is 12-18 months and although she is 15 months, she is still in 12 month clothes, and so the arms kept falling off.

Very soon I will post some pictures from our Guatemalan Easter traditions.

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
Easter eggs and bunnies are fun, but nothing brings me more joy, or hope, or relief, or peace than knowing that my Savior, the God in Flesh, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead!


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Trip to Playland Park

To celebrate Holy Thursday (the Thursday of Holy Week) we went to a little carnival. Sort of like a fair but with 2 food stands, one game stand, and like 10 rides. It was fun and very economical. I made a quick little video to document our experience. This is a pretty quickly put together video, but you will get the point!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Summer in Guatemala

Its a quiet house today. My voice is just about gone. I hope it comes back soon. Having two small kiddos and a large dog necessitates some volume at times. :)

We have been spending a lot of time outside lately so I wanted to post some pics (and a video).

This is me and the kids reading on the couch. (Not outside) BabyM is talking up a storm, although we only know what she is saying about 10% of the time. That doesn't seem to discourage her.

Our swimming pool. When it is 75 degrees outside you bake in the sun! This was naked pool time so the heart is giving some discretion. The kids love to sit in the hammock with me. It is really nice outside this time of year.

BoyD had his "gun" and was shooting the bad guys. And yes, that is dirt on BabyM's face. And shirt. And hands. Sigh.

I think that both of my kids need haircuts.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Summer Fashion Show

BoyD had a fashion show at school on Thursday. It was the "Day of Summer" and the preschool, Kindergarden, and first grade kids dressed up in summer clothes instead of their uniform and had a fashion show. It was so funny! Surprisingly, I took a few photos:

BoyD getting ready for his big day.

They had a bubble machine and a lady taking pictures. He was waving at the crowd. Notice all the other little models! BoyD is the only boy in his grade! His class consists of him and 4 other girls.

This is his teacher Julia. She ins't twelve. Anyway, she holds him a lot, and he really likes her. It looks like she likes him, too!

After the fashion show they were selling chocolate fruit, which is frozen fruit (cantalope slices, papaya slices, watermelon slices, whole mangos, bananas) on a stick dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. Really it is very good.

We are in "summer" right now here. They have two months of summer. April and May (until the rain starts) where the high gets between 70 and 80 and pools are for sale and you see sunscreen ads. It looks like Walmart in June with all the swimsuits, pools, sunscreen, etc. It is a very short season here.

The kids are going to play outside in the pool today, so I will post pics of that later.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Time Alone

Not really alone. I had Gladys (for a few hours...a life saver), BoyD, BabyM, Bella, and Samoa. It was interesting.

BabyM's diaper came unhooked inside her footie pj's just before a BM. Poop all down her leg inside her jammies.

BoyD got up at 6:15 every morning and banged his entire body against the door screaming and throwing his toys.

When I was putting him in timeout, I accidentally scraped his face with my fingernail making him bleed.

BabyM developed a severe cough with snot running out of her little nose.

At night, I put BoyD in bed at around 7:45 and battled him until 9:45 with him banging on his door with every concievable excuse to get out of bed.

BoyD had a bought of diarrhea and couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. Sigh.

BoyD decided not to nap until after a fight for 1.5 hours

BoyD washed his own hair while I was putting BabyM's pjs on with half of the bottle of shampoo.

I cleaned out a ranch bottle (1/2 hour job to get rid of the ranch smell) to use it to make pancakes with cool designs, and then BoyD was acting so crazy that he had to miss out on them. He ate cereal.

BabyM got a bloody nose during breakfast (I think she was sticking her finger up it too far).

BoyD dedided to stomp on the neighbor's pepper plant.

This all happened in 28 hours. I was really glad when Brandon got home. We did make it to the park and here are some photos. (And by the way, BoyD is not insane or a brat...well he was a brat, but I think he was just tired, starting a cold, and missing his dad.)

Aside from her cold, she was smiling the whole time.

This is BoyD looking at the pepper plant (He loves to watch the peppers grow.) And picking flowers in the park.

BabyM was fishing with her finger in an old hotel shampoo bottle that she found. YUCK!

The flowers then turned into baloons! They almost lifted him off the ground! Finally, this is some of the "artwork" that I created with pancake batter. It really is a cute idea! Thanks, Alicia and Rachel Ray!