Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Summer in Guatemala

Its a quiet house today. My voice is just about gone. I hope it comes back soon. Having two small kiddos and a large dog necessitates some volume at times. :)

We have been spending a lot of time outside lately so I wanted to post some pics (and a video).

This is me and the kids reading on the couch. (Not outside) BabyM is talking up a storm, although we only know what she is saying about 10% of the time. That doesn't seem to discourage her.

Our swimming pool. When it is 75 degrees outside you bake in the sun! This was naked pool time so the heart is giving some discretion. The kids love to sit in the hammock with me. It is really nice outside this time of year.

BoyD had his "gun" and was shooting the bad guys. And yes, that is dirt on BabyM's face. And shirt. And hands. Sigh.

I think that both of my kids need haircuts.

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