Friday, February 06, 2009

Sorry this has taken so long

Well...most of you know from our e-mail updates, but I wanted to post here just to be sure that everyone knows.

BabyM is fine! I mean, after all of those tests, biopsies, blood work, stool samples, sweat tests, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our little baby. I mean, her anemia is even better! Her blood counts are still low, but she is not anemic anymore! I just can't believe it. Actually, her first sweat tests which checks for systic fibrosis came back "borderline." Normal values are under 30, over 60 is abnormal, and 30-59 is borderline and BabyM came back 55. We were really a little worried. The doctor ordered a repeat sweat test and some send out stool samples to check for metoblic disorders. Well, the second sweat test came back with a value of 17 and we are rejoicing! BabyM now weighs over 16 and a half pounds, up at least 11 ounces since we left Guatemala. She is eating and sleeping great, and her diarrhea has stopped.

Please praise God with us! I don't know why he doesn't always answer our pleadings with such a resounding YES, MY CHILD! That said, I am so happy that he did this time.

I have waited to post b/c there were so many tests and we have been waiting on results, but we feel pretty safe to say she is fine. I mean, there is one stool test that we are waiting on, but the chances of there being something wrong when she is improving so rapidly is extremely slim. The doctor just wants to be complete seeing as she did have a high number on her sweat test.

I will not be posting much over the next several days as we will be finishing up here in Lubbock and then travelling back to Guatemala next week. Thanks again for all of your prayers and your kind words.