Thursday, February 07, 2013

Toy Storage! Help!

I hate toys.  I mean, toys are cool, but I hate them.  Specifically, I hate small toys or toys with small parts.  I am a relatively organized person and I like everything to have its own special place.  I like barbies to go together and little people farm stuff to go together, and stuffed toys to go together.  We have a lot of little bins all over the place where the toys go.  There are certain toys, though, that no matter how hard I try, no matter how routine we are, no matter how good my kids are at picking toys up, the end up ALL over my house!  In the washing machine, in the dog food bowl, in the kitchen sink, under my bed, in my closet, ALL OVER  MY HOUSE!  I really, really hate that.  The worst are all the parts and pieces to these little toys called Play Mobile.  I have stepped on more little tiny guns or belts or cannon balls than any human being should have to endure.  Oh, Little Green Army Men are also forming battle lines in every conceivable space.  I literally feel under attack!  For some reason, it is only boy toys that do this.  Legos, action figures, tiny pistols.


I need some suggestions.  I need some help.  I need a SOLUTION!  The only reasons we haven't thrown all these toys out is because they cost money and they are his favorite and because Brandon likes them! Haha!

We have the rule that one toy gets put up before another toy gets pulled out, and for the most part, they abide by that rule (I am ever vigilant!)  The problem is while they are playing. Their imaginations take them all over the house and that means that their toys go that way, too.

Is it reasonable to forbid the lego bridge in the garden, or the German front line out of the playroom?  Not sure.

Someone please help me with this loathing I have for toys.  Maybe we should just strip down to the basics: balls, books, a doll for the girl, and a truck for each boy.  Haha!  Clean up would be SO much easier!


Timothy Putnam said...

Our solution is the "Play Room."

The kids have minimal toys in their personal rooms, and we relegate the majority of play to that room. Puzzles and certain other toys (one at a time) may encroach into other areas of the house, but as far as "But the whole army NEEEEEDS to invade the living room," we've put the kibash on it.

cookiehawk77 said...

I did something similar when I had 2 big kids and one very small kid. They had to keep their small toys behind the baby gate (between living room and bedroom hall). That worked fairly well until the very small kid got big enough for tiny toys! Eventually they will either outgrow the tiny toys or move out and take the toys with them! Well, we're still working on the toys part of moving out! But I can thank the Air Force for that.

Jenna said...

I'm trying hard not to snicker! Because those PlayMobile,Legos, and Army Men will be my enemy till he outgrows them! And until then I'm wearing slippers, and vacuum them up whenever I have the chance! I kinda get a sick satisfaction over deleting one little Lego at a time!

Betty Boop Figurines said...

Most toy boxes need assembly. Gather all of the parts and read the directions before putting it together.

Anonymous said...

Ladies please Two words SHOP VAC suck them all up and dig out when they want to play with them lol
storage problem solved