Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh, They are So Different!

The one on the top is Madeline, and the one on the bottom is Deacon. Now, in these pictures it is not as evident as in others, but these two babies look alike! I mean, she doesn't look like Deacon does now, but she looks like Deacon did when he was a couple of days old! It is strange. Deacon was 24% larger at birth than Madeline, and his head was MUCH larger, so that is a major difference, and Deacon was broad chested while Madeline isn't. They just look so much alike to me.

But they are nothing alike. I have been amazed at how different these two kids are, even in the 6 days that I've known Madeline. Let me list the differences that I have noticed so far:

1) Deacon was huge, Madeline is small
2) Deacon would only sleep and wake in 45 min. bursts, while Madeline sleeps 6 hours, is awake for 2....waking to eat of course.
3) Deacon would burp after eating, only to then projectile spit up. Every time he would eat, he would spit up copious amounts of milk large distances. Madeline hardly ever spits up, and when she does, it just sort of dribbles down her cheek.
4) at 2 days old, Deacon would stand up in you lap (his legs were ridiculously strong) and lift his head for short bursts. Madeline only picks her head up for milliseconds.
5) Deacon HATED being on his tummy. Madeline would sleep on her tummy if we let her.
6) Deacon was a spaz....he was constantly in motion unless he was swaddled. Madeline will just sit and stare without moving her limbs for minutes at a time
7) Deacon had to be swaddled...very sleep. Madeline gets upset if she's swaddled and wants her arms free.
8) Deacon was fussy...he had reflux and so cried and boy-hydee it was loud. Madeline hardly ever cries and is generally pretty far as babies go that is.
9) Deacon had (has) very fat, thick feet, while Madeline has skinny, narrow feet.

It is really amazing. She was calmer in the womb, and she is calmer out. I am sure some of it is boy/girl stuff, and some is just personality.

I can't wait to get to know her better. I can't wait for all of you to get to know her. Praise God for individuality. It is interesting how much I had assumed about her based on my experience with Deacon. I never thought about what life would be like with a little, calm, easy baby girl. How fun! I'm going to go to sleep pretty soon. Madeline is in an awake time now. Thanks Brandon for entertaining our baby for a few minutes so I could sacrifice some sleep to blog a bit.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Guess what happened

This time yesterday....

at 9:56 am

January 6 2007

7 lb 3oz Madeline Lea came into our world. Welcome, little one.

Everyone is doing fine. We're a little tired. Or a lot. Everyone is healthy and good. And Deacon is excited about his baby sister. Like she's a puppy. Jenny's water broke at 12:45 am, Sunday and things moved along normally. Thank you for all your prayers.

Here's a few more pics:

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Too much cake? NEVER!

I felt this same way, I think.

There are so many things that I want to blog about. I wanted to blog on my son's birthday about him. I wanted to blog on my birthday about life. I wanted to blog about Christmas. I wanted to blog about the New Year and all that jazz. I wanted to blog about my incredible husband on our anniversary. I wanted to blog about passing my due date and still carrying this baby (as of now I am still pregnant). I just don't get much time on the computer!

So for now, this will have to do, until I can get caught up. I am going to try to blog tomorrow about at least a few of those things previously mentioned. I am also going to catch up on reading everyone's blogs. I just get updated from Brandon, but that just isn't the same.