Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scott Family Easter - 2009

It worked! Video is at the bottom.

Easter is such a glorious time. Oh, how I miss my family in the states and in Haiti. We tried to do the traditional Easter things here. We actually have it pretty good, because we have two sets of Easter tradition. The American version with dying eggs, the Easter bunny, getting new dresses/suits, etc, is really not a part of Easter here. Here they have special food and they give each other bread and hot chocolate (not Swiss mix) in pretty cloth napkins, and have processionals and carpets made of sawdust.

So I have two Easters to share with you. This first one is the American version. The video at the bottom is kind of long (8 1/2 minutes) so you may not want to watch the whole thing...unless you are Mi-Mi and Grammy and Grandpa, in which case you will probably want to watch it over and over. I mean...don't get me wrong, it is cute, but it is the entire easter egg hunt on tape.

This is when we dyed eggs with a kid from down the street. He had never done it, but saw it once on TV, so was excited to try it. His mom is a dear friend of mine. They go to our church, and she is always present at our women's Bible study that we have here at our house.

The eggs turned out so well. The whole process was much nicer than I expected, and we didn't even have a "kit". We dyed them the old fashion way...well...with food coloring! :)

BoyD was super proud of his first egg.

This is today (Easter morning). BoyD got a chick for Easter. I always wanted one, so I bought this one in the market for 50 cents. We are doing our best to keep it alive! If we end up with a rooster, we will give it away, otherwise, we might have fresh eggs in the future!

This is my beautiful little princess in her Easter dress. (Thanks, Mi-Mi) I had to pin it in the back, b/c it is 12-18 months and although she is 15 months, she is still in 12 month clothes, and so the arms kept falling off.

Very soon I will post some pictures from our Guatemalan Easter traditions.

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
Easter eggs and bunnies are fun, but nothing brings me more joy, or hope, or relief, or peace than knowing that my Savior, the God in Flesh, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead!


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