Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey all! I just wanted to post a quick update on our weekend conference with CAM. First of all, it was so much cooler than I had anticipated. Not that I thought it would be bad, I just wasn't looking forward to traveling the 4.5 hours to and from the city, sleeping away from home, not getting to do my to-do list, and sleeping all of us in one room.

Here we all are in the courtyard. Except BabyM was not looking at the camera:

It was actually so much fun. We are on a team with 5 other couples. They are all so incredibly awesome! I mean, we have so much fun just being around all of them. There is one couple who have been on the field for over 50 years. One couple have been here for almost that long, and the husband's grandfather gave the gospel to the Mayan's in the area in which we live. Another couple got here around the time that we did and are retirees that run the CAM retreat center! Poor them! :) Another couple is living out in the boonies running a camp, and they have made some serious creature comfort sacrifices. Finally, there is a couple with 4 young kids that live in a village that has no grocery store! They shop completely at the market, and have to take a boat ride to get to a store. We are in the company of greatness! We laugh, play games, and just chit chat. It was so fun to get to spend time with all of them.

Aside from that wonderfulness, we had a few setbacks, as always happens on road trips with little ones. First of all, we left BoyD's tag (his blanket that he sleeps with and holds while he sucks his thumb) at home. BIG mistake. Friday night he didn't go to sleep until 11, and that was after waking BabyM up several times and Brandon pinning him down on the bed until he finally wore out.

Then, Saturday night, he went to bed fine, but started throwing up at 11:30 every half hour until 5:22 am. I mean, poor baby, he would just start throwing up while he was still asleep and I would have to pick him up and hold his little head over the bucket. He would say "no more! No more!" when he was only half way done and he would fall back asleep before his head even hit the pillow.

Sunday, he did great, didn't take much of a nap and didn't eat much, but was otherwise fine!

Then, Monday, on the drive back, BabyM got car sick and threw up all over herself and her seat. It ended up taking us about 6 hours to get home, including major traffic leaving Guatemala city.

We did get home and I drove for the first time in the city and on the way home from the city. Brandon was driving our "new" car and I followed in the minivan.

We now have a 4 wheel drive Honda Passport for Brandon to drive when he goes into the out into the boonies! We are totally pumped about it! Check out Brandon's blog to see more.

Ok...very soon I am going to post a challenge. Maybe in a couple of days, so check back.

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