Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Time Alone

Not really alone. I had Gladys (for a few hours...a life saver), BoyD, BabyM, Bella, and Samoa. It was interesting.

BabyM's diaper came unhooked inside her footie pj's just before a BM. Poop all down her leg inside her jammies.

BoyD got up at 6:15 every morning and banged his entire body against the door screaming and throwing his toys.

When I was putting him in timeout, I accidentally scraped his face with my fingernail making him bleed.

BabyM developed a severe cough with snot running out of her little nose.

At night, I put BoyD in bed at around 7:45 and battled him until 9:45 with him banging on his door with every concievable excuse to get out of bed.

BoyD had a bought of diarrhea and couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. Sigh.

BoyD decided not to nap until after a fight for 1.5 hours

BoyD washed his own hair while I was putting BabyM's pjs on with half of the bottle of shampoo.

I cleaned out a ranch bottle (1/2 hour job to get rid of the ranch smell) to use it to make pancakes with cool designs, and then BoyD was acting so crazy that he had to miss out on them. He ate cereal.

BabyM got a bloody nose during breakfast (I think she was sticking her finger up it too far).

BoyD dedided to stomp on the neighbor's pepper plant.

This all happened in 28 hours. I was really glad when Brandon got home. We did make it to the park and here are some photos. (And by the way, BoyD is not insane or a brat...well he was a brat, but I think he was just tired, starting a cold, and missing his dad.)

Aside from her cold, she was smiling the whole time.

This is BoyD looking at the pepper plant (He loves to watch the peppers grow.) And picking flowers in the park.

BabyM was fishing with her finger in an old hotel shampoo bottle that she found. YUCK!

The flowers then turned into baloons! They almost lifted him off the ground! Finally, this is some of the "artwork" that I created with pancake batter. It really is a cute idea! Thanks, Alicia and Rachel Ray!


Alicia said...

What a day. =) Have I told you that your kids are absolutely beautiful? They look like baby models in these pictures!
And those pancakes are awesome. They turned out great!

Brandon and Jenny said...

I agree that they are beautiful, but every mommy thinks that!

The pancakes were fun. I only took photos of the successes. There were definitely some "kinks" to work out! :) But even the bizarre looking ones tasted good.

And BTW, BoyD is acting like a little angel now. I don't know if he was testing my limits or what, but we made it through it!