Saturday, April 04, 2009

Summer Fashion Show

BoyD had a fashion show at school on Thursday. It was the "Day of Summer" and the preschool, Kindergarden, and first grade kids dressed up in summer clothes instead of their uniform and had a fashion show. It was so funny! Surprisingly, I took a few photos:

BoyD getting ready for his big day.

They had a bubble machine and a lady taking pictures. He was waving at the crowd. Notice all the other little models! BoyD is the only boy in his grade! His class consists of him and 4 other girls.

This is his teacher Julia. She ins't twelve. Anyway, she holds him a lot, and he really likes her. It looks like she likes him, too!

After the fashion show they were selling chocolate fruit, which is frozen fruit (cantalope slices, papaya slices, watermelon slices, whole mangos, bananas) on a stick dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. Really it is very good.

We are in "summer" right now here. They have two months of summer. April and May (until the rain starts) where the high gets between 70 and 80 and pools are for sale and you see sunscreen ads. It looks like Walmart in June with all the swimsuits, pools, sunscreen, etc. It is a very short season here.

The kids are going to play outside in the pool today, so I will post pics of that later.


Alicia said...

Now I'm craving a chocolate-covered mango! Sounds like heaven.

The Easter Bunny dropped off a couple of gifts for our favorite Guatemalan missionaries. There wasn't time to knit, but there was time to sew. So I need your address to send these your way. =) Thanks!

aliciadockins at yahoo dot com

Toni said...

Ummm, chocolate-covered watermelon sounds tasty and refreshing.

Cute pics!!