Saturday, November 04, 2006

We're Here: a Summary

Ok. I just blogged about 2 pages about our trip so far, and then I screwed it all up and lost it some how. That is just fitting.

Sigh. I don't have the energy to retype the whole thing. Here's a summary

We had to pay for 2 extra bags that we shouldn't have had to pay for.
We got here safe.
We have eaten at a chili's, an Italian food restaurant, and McDonald's a few times, as well as one incredibly amazing steak placed "Hacienda Real" if you ever come. So yummy!
Deacon has the runs.
We leave for a little town called Comitancillo (or Comi) in the morning.
We will either have internet access there, or not until next Sunday.
I miss you desperately.
Deacon is sleeping through the night.
They don't have baby food here that isn't loaded with sugar.
We're tired and Deacon still doesn't nap.
We REALLY need to learn Spanish.
God is so good and I love Him more now, but please pray that I would live dependently on Him.

Can't wait to blog more. Please drop us a line (a blog comment that is or an e-mail) as we feel very isolated here.

Download Skype on your computers from and send us your skype name and we will try to skype you!

We love you all so much.


A Mutating Missionary said...

Savor the moments. I am praying for your new friend. I am praying that you are wise as you select her. I am praying that God will give you direction in your moments, and encouragement in your tears. I am so excited for you.

stephanie said...

hi. i work in the nursery at cbc in the evenings on sundays. deacon was always such a joy to have in there. :) i am so glad to hear that you guys arrived safely. i am praying for you as you work on getting settled.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thank you for your encouragement! Please keep praying. We certainly need it!

Schweers' Mom said...

I will pray right now! I am jealous of the 55 degree temps...I think we are in for some more "summer" later this week (80*). Sorry about the motion sickness. I have that problem, too. I left a comment on Brandon's blog for you to try ginger capsules if you can get some. Try them 30 minutes before you have to drive somewhere rough and then every 4 hours or so ( I think that's right - can't remember the dose - so google it). There are no side effects, so it's worth a shot. They even checked it out on the show "Mythbusters" and found it worked better than Rx remedies (it's a remedy from ancient Japanese sailors - I think).

Hugs and prayers!