Tuesday, November 07, 2006


We went for a walk today around Comi. This is a Mayan town. The signs around town read in both Spanish and Mam. (TXAQ TE K'OK' SBI'L: "spices" in Mam)

It was only a 20 minute walk, but it was so cool to see this world in such a different way. I have walked through Parker Square and looked in windows and walked around the block where we lived in Flower Mound, and never really noticed what I was looking at.

It is easier to notice when you are a foreigner. Here, everyone stares at us and some smile expectantly and some shrink back timidly and some beg you with their eyes.

We watched a soccer game and bought a bag of cheese puffs for cinquenta centavos (like $0.07 US) and tried not to get lost.

I can't help but wonder if we will always get those looks. Maybe someday these people with know us and love us and share their lives with us. I hope so.

But at the same time, I don't think I ever want to stop noticing.

Seriously...go to www.skype.com and download skype! We can talk or video phone for free! Then send us your skype name.


susan in fm said...

Jenny, I am enjoying reading your entries about Guatemala. I have a globe sitting on my desk, and I will pray for y'all when I look at it (it's hard to miss!) Thanks for giving us a slice of your days.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying too....thanks for the notes, it helps us here, glad it's a little easier, not as bad as you thought.

Anonymous said...

Does Brandon know that we can't access his blog? We get a blank page. Hope the surrealism of your new life is beginning to wear off a tad.

stephanie said...

it is so wonderful to read about your experiences there and your feelings about it all. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about y'all and praying for you---especially Deacon---and just remembered about your blog! I'll be reading it now. We miss you too and are praying for you! Ruth

From Carlys Eyes said...

I am so glad to hear you guys are faring well. We are praying for you.

Jeff said...

Hi Jenny-
Thanks for sharing. I am so glad to get a picture of where you are. We are praying for you. I bet it is an adjustment thinking that this is home like you said and not just a "mission trip". I bet it is hard to even put your mind around. I will pray for dependence for you. We miss you-

Philip said...

Hey Jenny!

Thanks for linking my photoblog. FYI, the link you created is to a permalink on a specific day. If you change the url to http://philputnam.aminus3.com, it'll take you to the most recent photo. Right now if you click on it, it'll always take you to the same photo from November 16.

Keep posting updates, we love hearing how things are going.

Love, Philip, Holly, Abraham, Rachel, and Abigail