Friday, October 13, 2006

The Incredible Not Napping Baby

My baby won't nap.

He wakes up at 6am or so (he actually woke up at 4am to eat and then went back to sleep - I think - because I actually turned the baby monitor down) and he is still sleepy. He is grouchy and screamy, and he may be teething. Le sigh.

Boy, if I didn't get enough sleep and acted like he has been acting someone would slap me. Hopefully.

So, I will just have to endure what every other mother on the planet endures for an appointed time until he is back to his smiley, happy, laughing self.

Please pray.


From Carlys Eyes said...

You are doing a great job as a mommy. Every baby has its not so beautiful moments and you are handling it wonderfully. Jess has been through the same sort of times, I always feel out of sorts with her when she is in a funk. I am sure he will get through this stage soon, I will be praying!

OCDmunkey said...

Don't let Dad know - he'l tell you to soak the chicken bones in Evan Williams :-)