Saturday, October 21, 2006

Forward in Faith?

Have you ever felt like the world was out to get you? Maybe not, but right now, I feel like SOMETHING is out to get us. This last week has been some kind of crazy roller coaster.

We leave a week from this next Monday. A WEEK!! This last week, Brandon got sick (sort of just really super tired and zapped of energy kind of sickness), Deacon got sick first with a fever (103.6 at it's peak) then with a monster diaper rash that made him cry when we changed his diaper, and then a cough and runny nose, my disabled dad broke his leg and was going to have to have surgery to fix it (meaning spending our last weekend in the country with my family with my parents living in the hospital and Deacon not able to visit because of his cold), the vehicle we are supposed to buy when we get to Guatemala won't be available until January at the earliest and therefore will be with out a car for the first 2 months of living there, and we had to pack up our entire life to move.

This is not a pitty party...keep reading.

Anyway, we were starting to wonder if it was possible for us to leave next Monday. Really, it was like everything was getting in the way of us going. You probably know that one of a woman's most needed aspects of life is security, and my security (what little I had with the idea of moving my life and my baby to Guatemala) was in question.

Is it possible that we really are under some kind of spiritual attack? Not 1 day later, Brandon was reading some of e-mail responses that we received to the news that we had a move date aloud to me, and we were set on fire with the encouragement to keep moving forward in faith. Forward in Faith. In the midst of turmoil and seeming disruption we must move forward in faith.

Then...we get to Lubbock (where my father is in the hospital) and it turns out that the surgeons don't think that he needs surgery and he gets to come home today and spend the weekend with our whole family together. PRAISE GOD! I mean, right when I am so frustrated that God is not making this easier for us (because you know that ultimately our convenience is of God's utmost concern...sigh) He answers the prayers of my family so my dad doesn't have to have an incredibly painful and dangerous surgery.

Not only am I humbled as I realize AGAIN that I am not the center of the universe but also at God the Sustainer that He would love me and that He would allow me to be a part of His plan for the ages in Guatemala. How privileged we are.

Update added Sunday:
We woke up this morning to my mom pounding on the bedroom door. We got up and my dad was mummbling some kind of gibberish "momahhnmomahhmomahh" over and over and over with out responding to anything we said.

Mom called 911 and they took my dad via ambulance back to the hospital. They have no idea what is wrong and they are going to admit him for observation. So it seems like we have taken a couple of steps back.

Is God still faithful? Does this new development change God or His plans? I know the answers.

Anybody have a clue why this is so difficult?


A Mutating Missionary said...

I remember when I began this 'mission' walk. Joyce and James came over. Before they left James got very quiet and said, "You realize that you just turned up the volume. The attacks will be in a steady stream, and sometimes in floods."
He was right...
But, we also gathered 3 in a small circle in front of my door at 5309 Crawford Ct. and prayed -
After three years I can honestly say, it has not beenwill not be easy but it is good.
I'm praying for you, and your family.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thank you for the encouragement. You know the challenges. Give me all the wisdom you have! I'll take it!