Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raves and Rants

Yeah! Time to blog! Just for the record, I have all kinds of time to sit and blog. I just choose to do other things like sleep, bathe, etc. I have 24 hours in everyday just like the rest of you.

One thing about not blogging very much, and not having time to read all of the blogs that I love, is that I feel much more disconnected. I just have some things to talk about. I have some rants, and a couple of raves.

Rant: Doctors in Guatemala don't care at all about child development. They don't ask questions about it. They also prescribe medicine for the slightest ailment with what seems like little regard for what Mom and Dad think. Parents aren't really part of the process, but more like an appendage to the patient that needs to be "treated."

Rave: I live in a country that has very good medical care. If my kid gets sick, I don't have to travel to some filthy, open air clinic with circuit doctors. I don't have to have medicine (except for the occasional children's Claratin) brought in from the states. I don't have to be care-flighted to another country for emergencies. I can get ultrasounds, x-rays, antibiotics, doctor advice, and all kinds of care for my family with relative ease, just maybe some long wait times and long lines.

Rant: Errand running in Guatemala. To go get cash, pay the electric bill, pay rent, and visit a carpenter, I will most likely need 3+ hours. Maybe more if the lines are long.

Rave: I have a wonderful muchacha that works for us and keeps me sane. She cleans my house, irons my clothes, and has started doing most of the cooking. (you may be wondering why I'm ranting about anything if this is one of my raves)

Rant: The bed that I wanted for BoyD's room is the coolest boat-shaped bunk bed, but will cost $950 to make here, and we can't afford that...because that's almost a thousand dollars for a bed.

Rave: We found a very simple wooden bunk bed for half the price, mattresses included.

Rant: Foolish people. Proverbs 12:15: "The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice."

Rant: My own judgmental heart. Like for some reason, I am that person who knows what those foolish people need to do.

Rave: Prayers for healing. God our Father heals. How cool that we can petition Him when we are sick, and that He is faithful! Does he always say "yes?" No, but He does say "yes" a lot. A lot more when we ask Him more. He has healed BabyK's upset tummy, Brandon's ear ache, and He's working on GirlM's cold, and that is just this last week.

Rave: Godly people who love you. I have a woman who lives here in Xela (a missionary) and every time I talk to her, she blesses my spirit.

Rant: Not sleeping through the night. I know people who get a lot less sleep than I do, and they are doing great (well...they are managing), but I need a lot of sleep. I really need 9 hours a night to "feel" rested. Maybe I can get that when my kids are out of the house. For now, I am dealing with waking 1 or 2 times every night to feed my beautiful baby.

Rave: (Update: Last night he slept for almost 7 hours...and I did too!!!!)

Rave and Rant: Homeschooling. I love that I get to be the one to most influence my children, that I get to teach them what I feel is important, and that I am not going to miss out on important moments. I really don't like fighting BoyD to finish cutting out the number 3. I don't like that it takes him over an hour to color a tree trunk because he just doesn't want to do it and can't find the "right" color brown.

Rave: Disney World





haitimom said...

Please "rant and rave" more often. It is amazing how much a child can change in just a few weeks. K looks so different from when I last saw him and M and D have changed a lot also. They are growing to too fast.
I enjoyed getting a little insight into what is going on in your lives. So happy you found a bed for D.

Schweers' Mom said...

So nice to catch up with you. Since I started working, I haven't had much time to blog or read blogs. Your children are so beautiful. What a blessing.