Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Weekend in photos

Here's a glimpse of Easter weekend at the Scott house:

Our nightly devotional became a retelling of the Easter week stories. Here is Brandon telling the story of the last supper on our magnet book. The kids are eating some bread and drinking some juice for an object lesson.

On Friday there are these processionals from all of the Catholic churches here. They last around 5 hours and they walk over these "carpets" made by hand out of colored sawdust. Here we are getting loaded up to go and look at the carpets and maybe catch a processional. (Not all of one.)

These carpets are even cooler in person. This guy and his friends had been working on this one since about midnight. The photos were taken around 8:30 in the morning and he was putting on the finishing touches.

This is the beginning of one of the processionals.

Random picture, but this is BoyD in his first night in his big boy bunk bed. That is a story for another post.

We dyed Easter eggs and had a lot of fun!

The Easter bunny brought some interesting things. They don't sell ANY kind of Easter candy here, so we only had like 9 plastic eggs left over from last year. The bunny was very sensible this year. This paragraph is underlined and I can't figure out how to change it!

We got all dressed up for some family photos. Are they cuties or what? Ok that's it.


haitimom said...

Thank you so much Jenny for sharing these photos. So beautiful. I just have four adorable grandchildren. Two beautiful granddaughters and two beautiful grandsons. I just cannot believe that sawdust art. Guatemala is a very interesting country.

Enrique and Chrissie Coreano said...

You all look great!!! We would love to catch up with you guys. We will try to call soon.

Tara White said...

You have the cutest kids! They are all so sweet. Hope you all are well!
Tara White