Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well...pretty sure it's anemia.

Ok..I'm no doctor, but I got some of BabyM's results back today. She is almost surely anemic. Now, I have mixed feelings about this.

At least we are on the way toward answers. I mean, we still need to find the cause, but we are no longer wandering around in the dark. Now, I don't know if there are any hematologists here, so we may have to travel to Guatemala city if there isn't. I really hope that we can just fix this. That all she needs is a vitamin and we can move on. We have been giving her iron supplements for about a month now. But I just found out that we were giving her the wrong stuff. Quality is important when it comes to iron.

Ok...please pray. I will take her results by the doctor tomorrow. I think she also has an infection which is not only indicated by the vommiing and diarrhea, but also by some lab work! So, we will pick up a few more lab results on Thursday and go back to the Dr. then.

I have to go to bed. BabyM is fussing in her crib. Oh, did I mention that BoyD has a fever of about 102? We are really hoping that he doesn't throw up.


Alicia said...

I have no idea what is available there, but Enfamil (and I'm sure other brands) makes a Next Step formula that is iron-fortified for 9 months - 24 months (I think). Also, do you have iron-fortified juices available? Lots of cereals are fortified too. Hope this helps sweet Baby M!

Alicia said...

One more idea - are you taking prenatal vitamins still? I know at least a little bit of the iron in your diet will be passed on to her through nursing. Just a thought!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks so much Alicia. I am taking a vitamin, but the problem is that she absorbs very little of what iron I do have. And I am not anemic in the slightest, so since she would get the iron before me, I would be anemic if she was taking all of mine. Does that make sense? She just spits out all types of formula. We are giving her iron fortified stuff, but she just doesn't eat enough to make a difference. We are hoping that this new iron supplement will do something. the catch 22 is It just takes like 3 months to see. I really appreciate your thinking of us, and send ANY suggestions or thoughts our way!

Schweers' Mom said...

Jenny - Craig's company makes a iron supplement for babies/kids. I need to ask him about it. It's clear and tastes good -which is a plus - no stains.

I am so sorry about this! Wow. She has really been through it, hasn't she? I know how stressful it is on you, too (speaking from a Mom's point of view). I have been praying for you and M. The gals in MOPS have, too. You are loved and covered with prayers!

Sarah said...

Hey Jenny - I was talking with my mom who had anemia as a child and grew out of it then she became anemic with each pregnancy but is fine now. She had some suggestions; take iron vitamins or eat iron rich foods with vitamin C like orange juice - it helps the absorption, drink good quality grape juice, oatmeal, steam veggies to help them retain their iron content, she will keep looking and trying to remember. Hopefully some of this helps. We will continue to pray for her and the Dr's she will be seeing.