Monday, January 19, 2009

Not a good day for eating.

Well, today was not a good day for BabyM's appetite.

For breakfast we tried to give her toast with black beans (which she loves) and cheese melted on it and a glass of milk. Actually, a glass of pediasure. She wouldn't touch, or even taste the toast and she drank about 1/3 of a cup of milk. She finally ate 2 club crackers with some beans spread on it. Sigh. She didn't nurse very well at all today and for lunch we had eggs, fried potatoes, beans, and tortillas. She ate 2 or 3 bites of tortilla with beans and another 1/3 of what was left of her milk. For dinner, we tried: Macaroni and cheese, yogurt, peaches, coleslaw, pizza, lasagna, more club crackers, and frozen peas. The only thing she will eat is the frozen peas. We even tried ice-cream which she promptly spit out of her mouth. Any idea how to add calories to frozen peas? She didn't want them thawed. Ok, and now, total for the whole day, she has had 1/2 cup of pediasure. Today she wouldn't drink water or anything else. I am a little bit at a loss. Her Dr. appointment is tomorrow at 11am. Lets just pray that she has gained weight.

On a lighter note:
BoyD has a new toy that he got for Christmas from his Mi-Mi. It is called Tag books from leap frog.

It is these books that appear normal, but you use this very cool pen thingy and it "reads" the books for you! You can touch the pen to the a symbol at the beginning of the book to read the whole story with voices and sound effects and everything, you can click at the beginning of each page to just read that page, or you can touch each word individually to read that specific word. Not only that, but you can touch illustrations and such to hear even more. AND, if that wasn't enough, each page has games that you can play if you touch the game button. Then, when you connect the pen to your home computer, it can tell you about your child's activity using the books. Like what level of game they answer successfully, etc. Here is a little video clip of BoyD "reading" one of his books. He will ask for the pen, and although he prefers to read them with us, he also loves to just sit and read his Tag book.

Update: At the end of the video (sorry that it is so dark) you can hear a bizarre noise. That is BabyM throwing up. I guess that explains the no appetite today. Sigh.

Hopefully it was just the once. So much for vaccinations tomorrow. This is exactly what we DON'T need.

Just keep praying and I'll keep updating.

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