Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy Birthday BabyM!

Happy Birthday BabyM!

My tiny baby girl is 1 year old today! Yeah! I can't believe it has been a year!
BabyM is really a very funny baby. She likes to tickle me, and hug her baby while saying "aahh." She isn't a big eater. Her first word was "kitty cat" and she can meow. She can crawl super speed, and loves to give hugs. She can stack 4-5 blocks, and she will hand you what ever is in her hand if you tell her no. She has a temper! She will scream like a banshee and shake her whole body (fluffy curly hair flying around like a halo) if she gets really mad. She took her first steps while my mom was here, but won't do it now that she is gone. She loves Bella. She will just laugh if Bella licks her face. She always wants to play with BoyD. She will follow him from room to room and no can make her laugh or cry like her brother! She likes to play ball with herself. She will throw it and then go after it to pick it up.

BoyD came in the room today when I had two guests over, and says "Mommy...I'm gonna toot, and you smell it" I was so happy that he said it in English! I still laugh as I think about it.

BabyM ate a good dinner! Yeah! but then she began to cry. Like really cry hard. When we got her upstairs, Brandon turned her over to pull off her clothes for her bath when he discovered a wet shoe, and what looked like beans all over the inside cuff of her pants and her sock. Well...it wasn't beans. She had diarrhea. Big time. I mean, down both legs, and up the back.


I love my life!


Schweers' Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Baby M - from an oldie with a temper to a cutie with a temper!

So sorry to hear about the continuing health issues.

Big hugs!

And...isn't it just like a boy to say something so hilarious?! (Ok, so it's hilarious to me since I live with a bunch of boys!)

Gage and Molly said...

I love your blog! Aren't they fun? They are another way of keeping in touch. Ours is www.engagedwithgage.blogspot.com

Take Care,

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, BoyD had me laughing out loud. Hilarious!

We're still on our knees for that precious tiny girl. I hope she had a great birthday despite the poo issues. =( Maybe she should start on a diet of milkshakes and french fries. That works to fatten me up for sure! =) Ha! Plus all the preservatives would kill whatever bug is in her tummy. Wouldn't that be a nice cure?

I hope you guys are doing well, and another Happy Birthday to you, BabyM.