Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is a video of the kids playing together a little bit. BoyD is enjoying her much more now that she can laugh at him and interact with him. You may think this is boring, but we LOVE it!

The next two photos are of BabyM while we are getting her ready for church. You might be able to see her earrings! Yes, we pierced her ears. It wasn't cruel or awful or torture for her. She cried for all of about 10 seconds, and as soon as they were finished, she was in my arms and happy as a lark. We have gotten a bit of backlash from the american side saying that this was paramount to abuse, and how dare we torture our parenting 101 it says to NEVER cause your child unneccesary harm....etc, etc. Well, it is what Guatemalans do, and I will post another blog another time explaining exactly why we chose to do it.

Anyway, we put on a little t-shirt underneath her dress b/c when I don't, EVERYONE comments about how cold it is and how she is still so young, and how she really should be wearing a t-shirt under her dress. I was even called a "mala mama" (bad mommy) to my face by a teenager b/c Madi was outside in 65 degree weather with a sweater on but with out a t-shirt under her dress. Sigh. So, we bought these little camisoles for $1 each and we put them on under her dresses when we go out. Being Greek to the Greeks so to speak. It's all Greek to me.


Alicia said...

Two stories for you - my in-laws were missionaries in both Costa Rica and Ecuador. My sis-in-law was born in Costa Rica, and my mom-in-law always talks about how they were chastised because they didn't swaddle her. It was summertime, and it was really hot (80's), so my mom-in-law thought it would stifle her. So they got all sorts of glares as if they were abusing her bringing her out unswaddled.

Also, Hannah is very hot-natured. Plus it's HOT here. Well one day we went to an outdoor graduation party, and it was only in the 70's. I knew she would be passed around, so I dressed her very lightly and brought a blanket just in case. The graduate's grandmother had a FIT about how freezing cold she must be. She followed me around telling me to get that "poor baby" indoors. (It was actually colder inside because of the a/c!) Eventually she got her hands on Hannah and bundled her up. Hannah screamed and was miserable until we left even after I unbundled her because she was so hot!

I completely understand the cultural differences and being sensitive to them. And what a perfect way - with the little camisole that's not too hot but will still appease the church-goers. But even here in America people are so pushy! They think they know best how to raise YOUR baby. Ugh!

(She looks so precious all dressed up for church, by the way! Oh, and I want a pila!)

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, my grandma used to tell us that our girls would never have colic if we would jsut keeps socks on their toes--and that's what her mother or grandmother did. So we always made sure to put socks on our girls whenever we were around my grandma and let them take those socks off as soon as we left her sight, lol.

As for the ear piercing, eh, some people these days think immunizations are unnecessary--and those can hurt alot worse!

Enrique & Chrissie Coreano said...

She is too cute with her ears pierced and all! Wish we could meet her. Miss you guys a lot.
love you, chrissie

cookiehawk77 said...

She's beautiful! It's hard to believe she's so big already!

Anonymous said...

When in Rome, right? You aren't a mala mama!

I love her earrings and she has cute hair!

Anonymous said...

We got the same look when we pierced Gracie's ears at 18 months... In fact while I was sitting in Claire's to get them done, a lady told me to my face that I was a bad mom.. I told Mark about it when I got home.. He said after they were done with the piercing I should have said, "Ok Come on Grace time to head over to the tattoo place and get that done too." HAHAHAH

mutating missionary said...

You go girl!!!!!