Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fuentes de Georgines

This is our trip to Fuentes de Georgines. It is a hot spring about 45 minutes outside of Xela. They have 4 different pools, bungalows for camping, a restaurant, picnic areas, and hiking trails. The water is fed from a volcano and it has a lot of sulfur and other minerals so it has no amoebas or parasites and it needs no chlorine b/c the water is constantly filling and spilling over into the other pools.

It is always foggy up there b/c it is in a cloud forest. It was sort of a mini vacation for us, as it is so incredibly relaxing. Today it was so busy but when we go during the week, there are often times only like 10 people there. The Guatemalans in the photos are our friends Hortencia, her daughter Carla, and Carla's son Alejandro who was born on the same day as BabyM.

Just so you know, if you come to visit us, we will take you here. SO COME TO VISIT! :) It cost about $3.00 to get in, plus another $3 for parking and you can bring in your own food. The water is normally the temperature of a hot bath in the first pool (the other pools are consecutively cooler) but today, we could not even put BabyM down in the water b/c it was too hot. I think they cleaned the spring or something and so more water is coming out making it much hotter. The other pools weren't too hot, but they are much shallower and you can't really swim. Anyway, it is incredibly beautiful and we really enjoyed ourselves.


Justin said...

I/We wanna come visit!

cookiehawk77 said...

Me, too!

Anonymous said...

Lord willing we ARE coming!!!!!


Schweers' Mom said...

Sounds like a fun day out! I'd love to come.

By the way, I'll keep you posted on the book club AND I LOVE your new blog make-over! Cute!!

mutating missionary said...

Love the new cover!!!!!
Summer sounds warm where you are. We have had very few days that have hit 80 here. :)
The babies look absolutely wonderful. And Deacon in school already! WOW! Praying for you in this time of transition.