Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First day of "School"

Well, Deacon started his first day of school today. We are only taking him for 2 days a week, but normally it is 5. This school is really cool to let us bring him 2 days a week for half the price. It is called Colegio El Pilar (Colegio is just a private school) and its Catholic. We can walk to it from our house. Its Catholic, but there are no nuns, priests, religion classes, or anything other than a statue of Mary that would suggest that it is Catholic. Most likely we can't keep him there when he gets older b/c of the ministry that we have with Evangelicals. They don't get along so well. So sad. Anyway, I am attaching some pictures. Like I said, he goes twice a week from 9am to 12:30pm. I am thinking that he will have a lot of fun and for 1 hour every day they do lessons in English. Knowing that at least some of the teachers speak English makes me feel better. Deacon is speaking Spanish like a pro, but we wanted him to learn some more and to have some friends here, and this is the fastest way to accomplish this. Anyway, enjoy the photos!Deacon getting ready for his big day.He likes the way he looks! This is his uniform more or less. He wears jeans, a white collared shirt, and a gray sweater that the school gives him that we don't yet have.Here we are getting ready to walk to school.

This is the outside of the school. It is totally enclosed with a door that is locked from the inside with a key so the kids can't leave with out the guard letting them out. It sounds incredibly harsh, but outside the school is just a street. (And I can go in when every I want, the kids just can't "escape")

This is the inside patio area (directly behind the doors in the previous photos). The ground is all dirt, but they have some good playground equipment and a beautiful garden.
Deacon inside his classroom getting situated and meeting his companeros (friends). When we walked in, he just started walking around the room looking at the toys, etc. All the other little children were seated quietly at their desks. We'll see how that goes. I go to get him at 12:30pm and will post later how everything went. Finally, here is a photo of the walk back from the school to our house. Don't we live in a beautiful country?


Justin said...

Is that a Kia Sedona? Is it diesel too?

What should I expect for airfare costs to get down there (i.e. what's considered a "good" price)?

Brandon and Jenny said...

Yes! It is a Kia Sedona diesel.

And 6 months ago, a good price for a flight was $450, but now it is just under $1000. You can get really good prices with a company called Spirit air, but only from 2 cities, and on very specific dates. You could get those for under $300 round trip. I don't know if they are running those specials right now. Hopefully, with gas prices falling, the ticket costs will go down too, otherwise we won't hardly ever get to come home! :)

Schweers' Mom said...

He is such a big boy now! They grow so fast, don't they? He is absolutely adorable. And, YES, you do live in beautiful country!

By the way, congrats on your acceptance to DTS! You rock!

Justin said...

So is it a 2.9 turbo diesel making 185 HP and 343 NM with a 5-speed? Supposedly gets 27 in the city? (according to Kia UK website). If so, I'm so jealous.

Anonymous said...

So fun! The first day of school!

My gosh they got big fast!

Anonymous said...

So how did the first day of preschool go? We're gearing up for first days here, too.