Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some new friends

I have a few new friends living with me. I just don't feel like being hospitable. They are very greedy and are actually keeping me in the house. I am so tired just from dealing with them, but they just latch on and won't let go! They drain all of my energy and actually keep me up at night Seriously, it makes me want to vomit!!

He-He!! I've got a parasitic infection called giardia! YUCK! It basically is severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and general fatigue. My fellow missionaries don't feel that bad for me because they have all had it multiple times. I was told "welcome to the club of people with stomach issues." I was always the one here with the iron stomach, that could eat the street food with out too much caution. I guess the lower immune system with pregnancy put me on a more normal playing field.

I will most likely start drug therapy today. Last night was crappy b/c Deacon was sick in the PM with some stomach flu and high fever, and I shared a sucker with him yesterday. I was up all night (b/c of my own nausea and b/c I wanted to hear if Deacon started learching) praying that I wouldn't get the vomitus maxumus so that I could help Brandon take care of Deacon.

Everything is better in the morning light, especially after Deacon and I both took hour-and-a-half-naps.

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Justin and Michelle said...

bleah. Giardiasis (what giardia give you) does not sound fun at all. It was something I was worried about on the canoe trip, even though there were many assurances that nobody had gotten it before. Still, the fear of getting it still lingered.

I am empathetic for you and hope your guts get back to normal soon.