Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feeling Life

Gosh, it's been so long.

I am just getting to experience the COOLEST thing that I believe the Lord lets humans experience. I am growing a little baby inside of me.

When I was first pregnant, I was deathly ill. Then, the sickness went away, and I felt totally normal. I wasn't showing when I "should" have been (whatever that means), I didn't feel any different. In fact, I was thinner (thanks to the 1st 10 weeks or so), had more energy, and often times forgot that I was pregnant! Brandon would say, " you really shouldn't lift that much," or "make sure you are taking that vitamin" or something like that, and I would think..."Geez, that's right, I'm pregnant!"

Well, all of that is over now. I am growing rapidly now (can still wear most of my pants thanks to the initial weight loss) but it is very obvious that I am pregnant. To me and the rest of the world. The coolest thing is though, that I can actually feel this baby moving inside of me! I can feel it kick, roll, and push against one part of my belly. It is the strangest, coolest thing, and I don't think I will ever get used to it!

We went for a ultrasound a couple of days ago, and we were so pumped to find out the sex of the baby. Well, after 20 min. or so of looking at the heart, the bladder, the legs, the little arms and hands clenching and un-clenching around the face, they couldn't get a good look at the one place I really wanted to see! The really amazing thing is, is that I thought that I would be disappointed, but the pure joy of seeing that little one moving around inside of me, and that it was by all accounts healthy, far outweighed the disappointment of not knowing.

We may try again to check what we are going to I will keep everyone posted. You know, I realize that so many women don't get the opportunity to actually feel their children in their womb. I must say, that as cool as it is, even that is overshadowed by holding that baby in your arms, and knowing that this is what the Lord has given you. This is His gift to steward. That is even better.


cookiehawk77 said...

Neat picture! Technology just keeps improving. Pregnancy was a special time for me. Some women hate the pregnancy and just want the baby. I enjoyed every minute of it! And I actually CHOSE to not know the gender of the baby. I'm rejoicing with you!

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby! I like the idea of not knowing! What a cool surprise. Just pick a name that works for both, like Ryan or Hunter.:) I'm glad you are feeling better!

Schweers' Mom said...

What a precious post! I loved it. I do miss those days of holding a sweet little baby. Sigh. They grow up waaayyyy too fast.