Sunday, December 03, 2006


I am inept at HTML so I can't figure out how to put the Thanksgiving picture in the correct place.

Ok, there are two new blogs to read, so make sure to look at both. This first video is of my precious baby reading. Books are his toy of choice right now, and sometimes if he is playing by himself we will "catch" him with a book open, pointing to the pictures and blah-dah-ing. It is sooo cute!

I also wanted to tell you guys about our Thanksgiving here. It was really fun and really strange. It did make me feel a real sense of longing for my family and friends in the states. Like, we had to explain what cranberry sauce is for because they don't eat it!

It was fun though because we got to explain to a bunch of Guatemalans the reasons we celebrate Thanksgiving, and got to basically share the gospel with people over turkey and black beans.
It just really makes one appreciate things.

Ok, I shared the gospel of Jesus with two lesbians the other day and with one 45 year old bachelor non practicing catholic (in English). All in one day! I will write all about that (hopefully) tomorrow or the next day. That was very cool.


Joye said...

We'll have to remember to send you a care package including some sage for next year! The fixin's look pretty good, though.

Deacon's on his way to being a speed-reader already.:D

stephanie said...

books are my son's choice of toys right now too. isn't it fun to watch them explore the pages and "read" the stories? :) i love watching his face when he is looking through one of his many books, you can see his little brain is working in there and i would so love to know what he is thinking!

hearthomekids said...

i was glad to read that you shared the gospel with your new acquaintances... and i continue to enjoy reading about your family's journey. deacon is a lucky boy to be able to see the world outside of the American cocoon! also, of course, "up top" (as my teens would say) for your tenacity in providing a nouveau- traditional thanksgiving feast in your new digs.