Saturday, December 09, 2006

holding down the fort!

This post was written yesterday: Saturday

Ok, so we don't actually have a fort. It's more like a hideout, but I'm holding it down as best as I can.

Brandon and the Coreanos left yesterday morning to go to Comi to do some work with some sister churches and to have some meetings. Honestly, at first I didn't want to go because if I did, then either Marissa or Deacon would have to go with out a car seat (not room). I struggled and struggled with whether or not I should go. I asked the Lord for clear direction, I sought wise council...but still I struggled with the decision.

Well, the day before they had to leave, I woke up with this incredible sense of clarity! There was no way I could go, because we are leaving for the US on Monday, and that would only leave me Thursday (Brandon and I are both in school that day) and Sunday to get ready to leave the country. There just wasn't time for me to go. (Brandon ended up skipping school that afternoon and we went on a date - need to write about that soon - it was fantastic!)

Anyway, I am still no clearer about the car seat thing. A wise old man (wink) told me that car seats are a false sense of security. Do I trust in the car seat, or in my God to take care of His children? I struggle with this point...why isn't the car seat God's provision for safety, and it is foolish to not use one unless absolutely necessary? This wasn't a necessary trip. Anyway....I would love your thoughts on that. I am not sure if I am just lacking faith in this area or not.

That was really a side bar. I am here alone in the guest house (last night there was not another person here) and the power goes out. I had just put Deacon to bed and I was standing in the bathroom (PITCH BLACK) when I remembered my brilliant husband had put a candle and matches in there just in case. Yeah! I was saved. The power came on and off many times, and finally stayed off for a couple of hours until I went to bed.

Then, Deacon woke me up at 7 with throw up all over his sheets, his blankets, his stuffed toy, his hair and his pajamas. Le-sigh.

The only other person here was still asleep, and Deacon needed his sheet washed (I only have one) and a bath. Then...the power goes out again.

We're all O.K. now, and God provided the help I needed with Eloisa (the woman who owns the guest house)

Deacon is feeling better since the Advil took the fever away, the sheets are washed, Deacon got a bath, and Brandon is coming home tonight! Yeah! I even got a tad bit of laundry done! (and obviously time to blog)

These days keep me dependent. I would take them any time. For the moment, I am holding down the fort, thanking God that I have a husband who is alive and well and a part of our lives and who will be home soon.

P.S. For all of the single mom's out there, my heart goes out to you, I pray for you, and I am proud of you.


From Carlys Eyes said...

Car seats, I had a professor once say that yes we could not use them but there is no proof yet that they harm our children so why not take the safe road. It is kindof like shots, yes they have been linked to minimal deaths (not to mention falsly accused of delaying development) but how many children would have died or had severe long lasting illness/problems without them many many many more. I dont know what I would do about the car seat thing if I was in your shoes. I think it would depend on the driving style of the country/person. Glad to hear you made it through the last couple days.

chris said...

Jenny, regarding the car seats and faith, I believe God wants us to trust Him for protection, yet He also gave us common sense, the latter of which dictates that if a means of safety is provided for your use, you use it.

It's like the old saw: there was a man whose home was in danger of being flooded. As the waters rose in the street, a large truck came by, the driver asking if the man wanted a lift. "No thanks," the man replies, "I will trust in God for deliverance."

As the waters rise more, this time coming up to his porch, a small boat glides by, those within asking if he would like a ride to safety. "No thanks," he tells them, "I will trust in God for deliverance."

Finally, the waters have risen to such a level that the man is on his roof, and a helicopter is hovering overhead. "No thanks!" he waves them off. "I will trust in God for deliverance." The waters rise further, he can only tread water for so long, and he drowns.

The man finds himself in Heaven, and standing before God. "Lord," he says, "I don't understand. I trusted in You to deliver me from the flood, but You let me die."

"Let you die?" God replies. "I sent a truck, a boat, and a helicopter! What else did you want?"

Common sense...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop a line telling you I am praying for your family and you. We are so proud of you both.

You are a true inspiration and we are blessed to know you.

Toni said...

You are awesome Jenny. Praying for you!