Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scott Family Responsible Child Boot Camp: Day 3

Yesterday, the Scott Family Responsible Child Boot Camp was more like a torture camp.

It was a disaster.  I mean, we did very little of the fun, sweet, cute games that I had planned, and I did a lot of getting frustrated and yelling.  So, I get the bad mom award for the day!  I ended up trying to get some "work" done around the house.  For some closure for me, I wanted to get the crib out of the boys' room, seeing as BabyJ won't be coming home to us until he is over 2.  That was probably too emotional of a chore for me to do. Also, we are having a bazaar at church to raise money to put in a nursery, and we are supposed to take stuff to donate for them to sell.  I thought, for boot camp, I'll just put the kids to work helping me sort though stuff, etc!  Bad idea number two.  The kids were WAY more interested in playing with the stuff that I was trying to get rid of.   By the time the afternoon rolled around, I was irritated, and the kids were, too.  BoyD had to rehang up his pants on hangers like 4 times because he would just stop working and sit there and stare into space.  So, I would take all the pants he had hung up so far and take them back off, saying he needed practice.  Boy, the games from Day 1 worked so much better.

But, God is so gracious and His mercies are new every morning and I get to start over today! I got to tie some strings with my kiddos last night and apologize for yelling at my daughter when she kept trying to pack "goodie" bags with (what I consider) trash for street children.  I kept telling her that we don't know any street children, and even if we did, they wouldn't want old wipes and chewed up toys in an old bottle carrier!  Oh, the shame.  Now, let me say that even though her heart is SUPER big and she was trying super hard to be thoughtful, I had told her to throw that stuff away!  Ok...I digress.  There is no excuse for ever yelling at my kids...unless they are about to run in front of a car or something...but that wasn't what was going on.  Oh, how I wish I was that mother that never yelled at her kids.  Is there such a mother?  Maybe I don't want to know.

Anyway, to get back on task, I am sticking with the plan today.  We are going back to Day 1.  I am adding in a lesson on how to put books on a bookshelf.  We are going to be practicing that.

I only had to remind one kid one time to hang up a towel, and one other kid to flush.  After each offense, we just sang our song and practiced some more.  When I am focused on the training the kids do so much better.  If I get distracted and start doing something else, they are off as well and it is hard to bring them back.

So, LittleK is feeling better, and I'm just tired, but today is full of the Lords favor and blessing and presence.  I am going to walk in that!  Have a great day!

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Kristin said...

Loving reading these posts - keep it up! Will be implementing this plan come summer break for my crew!