Monday, January 14, 2013

What My Kids Need From Me

As my kiddos age and change, and as I prepare to bring another kiddo into our home, I have been feeling like I haven't been for my kids all that they need me to be.  In those quiet moments alone I have felt a little disappointed in myself for my lack of patience, for my raised voice, for my critical word.

It has caused me to think through what it is that my kids need from me.  What kind of mother should I be to minister to them; to their spirit, their character, their personalities.  I wanted to briefly share what it is that my kids need and then ask you to do the same.  Even if you don't want to post here a response, I would ask that you consider the question.

First let me say that BoyD is 7, GirlM is 5, LittleK is (almost) 3, and BabyJ is 7 months and in the Congo.

BoyD needs me to be free to listen.  Needs me to not be focused on work, or getting through schoolwork, or making dinner.  He needs me to hear his stories and his ideas and then help him realize them.  He needs to not hear criticism, and he needs the freedom to be wrong. He also needs a lot of hugs.

GirlM needs me to play with her on the floor.  She needs me to put on a crown and a pretty dress and be the "queen" so that she can be a real princess.  She needs me to teach her to make a sandwich and to teach her how to put doll clothes on her tiny baby.  She also needs to know how important she is in this family and to me.  Oh, and hugs.

LittleK needs supervision!  haha!  And he needs constructive direction.  He needs me to read books to him and to play sing-song games with him.  He also needs lots of hugs. Oh, and he needs consistent discipline. He needs me to never be to busy to redirect, correct, or punish.

BabyJ needs me to pray for him.  He needs things that only others can provide.  He needs me to be in serious intercession for him.  And he probably needs hugs that I can't give him yet.  No worries...I'll make up for it when I get him.

So...can you share what your kids need?  It is a fun and convicting exercise. 

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Jenna said...

Hmmm this is a great post... I really need to think this through! Which has not even been on my radar! I guess I pray each day for God to be what they need for that day! To not neglect my Husband, and to fill my cup as well so I have what they need to be a great Mommy and Wife. To not be weighed down by pointless guilt, to see the positive in a situation I can't control, and leave my anxieties in Gods hands and receive His gifts instead. I'm not good about being THAT mom all the time, but His goodness keeps me trying for more!