Friday, September 16, 2011

Food on Friday

For this week's menu, I am using some recipes that I found on Pinterest.  If you don't know all about Pinterest, you MUST check it out!  You can also click on the link above to "follow me" in my pinterest endeavors.  I will be linking the recipes that I am using. (To actually see the recipes and not just my "pin", you have to be a member of the site...just request an invite)

L: Meatless spaghetti (made with chopped vegetables instead of meat)and salad w/ easy breadsticks
D: Left Overs
L: Crockpot mushroom chicken with rice
D: Left overs (with sandwich cookie-rice crispy treats)
L: Veggie Frittata
D: PB and J sandwiches with apple slices
L: Chinese food with ramen noodles
D: Chicken pasta salad
L: leftovers
D: Black beans, rice, and coleslaw
L: Soft tacos with spicy slaw
D: Apple pancake with sausage
L: Beans, eggs, potatoes, tortillas
D: Family Fun night (popcorn, apples and cheese)

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