Friday, September 02, 2011

Food on Friday

Here's our budget friendly weekly menu for this next week.  This week I spent $55 on food, a little bit of cosmetic stuff and some cleaning supplies.  And I will spend another $6 or so on Monday at the market (fresh veggies)

L: beans, eggs, tortillas and potatoes
D: Thai food (chicken, peanuts, spinach, garlic, and rice noodles)
L: Frittata and homemade bread
D: Left overs
L: Meatless spaghetti (made with chopped vegetables instead of meat)
D: Leftovers
L: Leftovers
D: Lemon pepper chicken and pasta with garlic green beans
L: leftovers
D: Black beans, rice, and coleslaw
L: out of town
D: Cheesy hamburger macaroni and mixed veggies
L: Beans, eggs, potatoes, tortillas
D: Family Fun night (popcorn, apples and cheese)

One thing that we have started doing that is saving us some money, is baking bread in the breadmaker every night.  Or, most nights.  When we remember.  That way we wake up to fresh baked bread and it costs us around $1.20 per 1 1/2 lb loaf.  And we actually eat a lot of bread so that ends up saving us quite a bit.

And we also don't use fresh milk for anything except drinking.  We keep powdered milk that we use for all cooking and for Brandon and I to drink.

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