Sunday, May 03, 2009

Big drinks and guns.

Ok. It's time to post some pics. Really don't have any stories to tell today. Just that I finally finished a 17 page paper regarding the revelation of God in prophesy, dreams, and visions. Whew! So glad that is over. Now I can go back to being a house wife and get some stuff done. This is sweet BabyM (who is eating great, by the way!) drinking a monster tea from Burger King. I tried to give her a drink of carbonated orange drink, and she just makes this awful face. She loves iced tea, though.
Time to cut bangs. That cup is half her size!
The other day, the kids wanted to play in the rain, so we took off thier clothes, put on their rain coats, and let them play. It was a little too cold, so BabyM was suffering a little. She was torn, because when I was trying to bring her inside, she wanted to stay out, but she kept shivering and crying out. I finally did the parenting thing and brought the kids into a warm bath. BoyD was super disapointed. The cold didn't faze him and he wanted to keep playing.
This is babyM and Glady's grand-daughter hugging. Well, BabyM is trying to give her a kiss, but she wants none of it. That little girl is about a month older than BabyM and so much bigger.
BabyM got to eat...well...she got to disolve a guatemalan cookie which is basically hardened pink meringue thingy. What you can't see in the picture, is the little pink handprint on the couch beside me.

And this is my precious GQ son. I think he knows how handsome he is. This kid asks questions all the time. I mean, why is his favorite word. The cool thing is that he aks important questions. Like about God and faith and life and death.

I must tell one story. My son is a Scott boy. We were watcing the last part of Jurasic park 3 and there was one dinosaur attacking the group of people and BoyD asked "where is their gun?" I don't know if I am proud or a little sad that my son thought of guns when the dinosaurs attack.

Anyway, I will be travelling back to the states with the kids to spend some time with my mom on mother's day. After that, I will be speaking at a women's meeting of pastor's wives. I can't believe that I am going to be doing that. Please start praying for that now.


Anonymous said...

So excited that you will be speaking to some pastor's wives. What inspired you to write the 17 page paper? I'd love to take a look at that sometime.

Love you guys. Thanks for sharing your kids with us.

Schweers' Mom said...

Such cute pictures! And the gun story...yup...totally get it. When Reagan was about BoyD's age we saw Pocahontas (the Disney version). When I asked if he liked it, he said, "Yes, they had a lot of guns and knife-es!" Great. I'm raising a mobster.

Ah well...

You will do great at the retreat! How exciting!! Have a wonderful time with your mom!