Friday, November 21, 2008

Please Pray for My Friend

Final update: PRAISE GOD!! Well, right now Larry is in surgery ICU. The doctors have said that it is a miracle. He is doing so much better than he should be doing. He is recovering well. Thanks be to God. I know that He is not obligated to heal, nor does he always do it. I have seen first hand (as have all of us) when God doesn't not give us the answer that we desire. And I want to praise Him in these circumstances as well. is SO FUN to see him say 'yes' sometimes. Thank you for those of you that prayed. I don't understand it, but the "prayers of a righteous man avails much."

As of the middle of the night, the surgery went well, the half of the heart that had died was starting to "come back to life" a bit b/c it was getting blood flow. He has scoliosis and so his chest cavity was very strange so they had trouble with that, but last word is that the surgery corrected everything and they were just waiting for his blood to clot so that they could sew him up.

Thank you for praying. I thank you on behalf of the family, too.

Original Post: I am going to ask you to pray. The husband of one of my dearest friends went to the hospital today with a heart attack. Two of the three arteries leading to the heart are totally 100% blocked and the third is open by a string. He has been on blood thinners since he entered the emergency room but he must have surgery if he has any chance of survival. So...he will have a very bloody, very dangerous surgery where he might die. And then, even if he makes it through, he will have a long, very long recovery. This is what the doctors are saying, and my friend is at the hospital, waiting to know if her husband of over 30 years will be alive in the morning.

Now, I have seen many prayer requests on blogs, and I know that it is very easy to read them and think "oh, how terrible, I need to remember to pray for them"

Please stop right now. Please just offer up at least one petition for my friend, Robin, and her husband, Larry.

Thank you.


Alicia said...

On my knees now...requesting intervention on their behalf...asking the Father to hold them in His arms, strengthen Robin and carry her as I know this is an anxious time...praying for clarity for the doctors and a miracle inside those veins...believing that He is good and walks before this precious family

Alicia said...

That is amazing! God is so good.

I also wanted to offer to make a header for you if you don't have time or can't figure it out based on my spaz how-to. =) If you need any help or would like me to make one for you, please feel free to ask! My e-mail is aliciadockins at yahoo dot com.