Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas in November?

Christmas comes to Guatemala a little earlier than in the states. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so about the middle of November (the beginning for the very enthusiastic) they all start decorating. I wanted to share a little about our decorating evening.

We don't have that many decorations so it really didn't take that long, and we bought our dinky little fake tree at the Hiper Paiz, with "Wal-mart Guatemala" stamped on the box.

I need to get a Christmas tree scented candle to make me think that my tree is real. BabyM helped daddy spread apart those plastic and metal branches.

BoyD got the honor of putting the star on the top.

BabyM kept herself busy with her biter biscuit and watched the festivities.

When we explained to BoyD the diffence between stockings and a bean stalk, he wanted to experince the stockings first hand.

BoyD got to eat a candy cane off of the tree, and when I told him to "hold up your candy cane" he took me very seriously.

The almost finished product. (we have since added some shiny globes to fill in the holes so you can't see the metal "innards" of the tree.

After the kids went to bed, Brandon made us a fire and a little pallet on the upstairs balcony in the chiminea. We sat out there and enjoyed the fire and drank some decaf coffee flavored with French vanilla creamer and had a wonderful time. Here are some photos of what we experienced.

All in all, it was a wonderful, festive, evening.


Susan M said...

That looks so wonderful! The perfect start to the holiday season; the way it should be.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sharing your special evening with us. it is the next best thing to being there. I think we were there when you got the tree. That is a happy memory.
Grammy, (I can only get this to send by using anonymous, sorry)

grammy said...

with LJ's help I think I figured it out

Daphne said...

I love it! What a great family time and then to end up with a romantic evening, Sounds awesome. We miss you guys.

Sarah said...

Aw Jenny, sounds great! Your place is very cute. Did you guys get most of your furniture in Guat?

Schweers' Mom said...

What fun memories you are making for your kids. They will talk fondly of the fun in years to come. And you guys can laugh at the picture of BoyD with the stockings on his feet! Reminds me of the year when Reagan was 2 and he was into cowboy stuff. He got a holster with "guns". The holsters needed to have the belt run through them. But Reagan thought they were slippers and put them on his feet! I have never laughed so hard (and I was hugely pregnant with Grayson). We love that memory!

And I have to laugh at BabyM sitting there all sweet and CLEAN after her big escapade that I watched on YouTube. =-)

cookiehawk77 said...

Merry Christmas! I'm glad your Bible study is off to a good start. That's very wise of you to let the Word speak for itself. It's hard to lead a study and not sound preachy or like a know-it-all, which I KNOW is not YOU! Thanks for your encouraging words!
Lots of love from Texas

~Jennifer~ said...

Fun! I like the idea of putting the tree up early! Do you have a decorations theme?