Monday, July 28, 2008

The next step!

Well, it is official! I am a Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) student! I found out that I got accepted at the end of last week and we are so pumped.

CAM (our mission) requires that I have 30 hours of Bible training and I have 5 years to complete it. I am not sure what happens if I don't, but that isn't the point. DTS has a Certificate of Graduate Studies program that is entirely on-line, and it is 30 hours! How perfect is that! And if I ever wanted to, I could apply those 30 hours to a degree later! I am so excited and a little nervous. Please pray for me that I can manage 2 kids, ministry, Spanish language school, and now 3 hours of masters level work.

The really cool thing is that it is the same classes that I would take if I were in Dallas, only on-line, so I don't have to miss out on too much. My first class begins at the end of August, and it is Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics. I audited this class when Brandon was in school and I loved it, so I am looking forward to doing it for real (for credit, that is).

Oh, BabyM and I went to a women's conference at our church last Saturday. It was really cool and I understood most of what was being said. That was a little victory, and I got into a good discussion with a friend of mine who went with me. She doesn't attend my church, but she is a believer. We were discussing the appropriateness of demonstrative worship (raising hands, clapping, swaying while singing, etc). She told me very plainly that God is the author of order, not disorder, and how it is very important to God that we come into His presence with reverence, not like we are listening to the radio. She finds the drums and guitar very distracting and irreverent. It was an interesting discussion. She said "You don't need to clap your hands and move around to show thankfulness and adoration to God". It was a good discussion, no one was angry or frustrated, but I could tell that she felt very strongly about it. We I brought up what David did in 2 Samuel chapter 6 (He danced like crazy, rejoicing at the returning of the Ark, and his wife was appalled at his behavior) He said " I become even more undignified than this"....

she told me that just because he did that, doesn't mean that that is what pleased God, or that he should have done it. Hmmm..It was interesting. I love to hear your thoughts on this.

Then Sunday, we skipped church b/c BoyD had a pretty high fever (104 in the afternoon). Instead we went to the Zoo for a little distraction and some fresh air. There is the photo of BabyM getting ready for her first trip to the Xela Zoo, the next photo below is of Brandon and BoyD looking at some sort of horned animal. The last photo is of a little Mayan girl that was at the zoo. Her clothes are the typical Mayan dress, and you even see babies in this type of clothing. It is very expensive and very pretty. All of it is hand woven. Pretty cool. Anyway, you can see in BoyD's eyes that he really isn't feeling up to par.

Ok, I'll type more later....BabyM is hollering for me in her crib.


Sarah said...

I cant believe there is a zoo in Xela. I am thinking you are in a more "civilized" part of Guat than the lake? Is it more like Antigua? Very interesting deiscussion with your friend - that seems to be a commom issue in the churches down there, Santiago church is dealing with some of those issues within their church. So, how is lang school coming for you? Do you study when Brandon does? I will be praying for your schedule.

Anonymous said...

Yea Jenny! I am so excited for you about'll do great. We can ask our hubbys lots of questions at the same time! We miss you guys & love you and are praying for you! Thanks for keeping us updated on your lives!! Liz & Matt

cookiehawk77 said...

Jenny, you'll do great with seminary work. Not that it won't be hard, but I know you can do it!

I, personally, think expression should be banned from the church -- especially smiling. After all, God didn't make us emotional creatures, so why should we be expressive in worship. (If you don't know me, my tongue is FIRMLY embedded in my cheek!)

I must add that expression should be orderly and not distracting to others. There are many appropriate ways to worship, and we should find what fits us the best. Often our viewpoint on this issue a cultural bias based on our backgrounds.

We should look at what babies do when exposed to music and pleasant stimuli -- they smile and clap and move!! That's the way God made them!

Justin said...

I'll step in her shoes and offer an opinion: her saying that might not have pleased God is fairly insightful. There are many stories in the bible of Godly people doing things that did not please god (Samson, David killing Uriah come to mind). I think, going beyond the specific of her statement, it serves as an reminder that not everything recorded in the bible means it's something that we should do or that is good to do.
I like how she thinks.
On the specific topic of expressive worship, I'm indifferent.