Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Ok - Not really about the environmentalist, but I am curious as to their solution to this little situation.

There is a lady who works for us every afternoon doing "domestic" things. For a while now she had been asking for our plastic trash. I thought she was using the old containers to store things in, b/c she is poor, and tupperware is a bit pricey.

I was wrong.

She uses the plastics to suppliment the wood in her cooking, because wood is expensive and burns up too fast. SHE IS USING BURNING PLASTIC TO COOK OVER! Cancer anyone? She has a little girl that she is cooking for too.

Now here are the questions: Do I tell her how bad that is for her and her family? I really don't think she can afford to not use it, and is it better to be able to cook food now and possible get cancer later, or to avoid the plastic now? Will educating her on the subject just make her worry about something she can't change anyway?


Chris said...

Jen, I'd say your responsibility on this particular issue ends at informing her it's not a good idea to use it as a cooking fuel. Whether she chooses to listen to reason or not is the consequence she'll have to live with, not you.

Nikki said...

Jenny-I has been wonderful reading your blogs and theis amazing place that the Lord has you in right now! Miss ya...you can check out my blog to see what I have been up to in Phiily~!

Laura said...

That is hard, though I think I would tell her. I know you can make the argument that she doesn't have a choice but I think she should be educated. I would want to be. Also I was doing a little surfing on the subject and found a site that said some plastics are safe to burn from at least an inhalation aspect. So maybe there are at least some better choices to be made. My heart hurts for this lady please let us know what you decide. Here is the link I refrenced. The info was under the "other consideration" heading.

cookiehawk77 said...

Oooohh...tough call. Fuel & food or cancer (not to mention toxic fumes)??? Time to pray for wisdom. It was great to see you in Texas, even if just for a little hug. Bella is so cute! I know she & Deacon will be fast friends! I hope you had a great trip home. May your future bus rides be a little less crowded. I love you! Carol