Monday, October 22, 2012

Today is a Gift!

This morning is a gift from the Lord.  God has given me another day to love my children, to pray for them. to teach them the Bible, to be kind to them.  He has gifted me another day with my precious husband to serve him and to minister to him as his helpmate.  God has sent me trails today.  Maybe big and maybe small, but He permitted (ordained) them to enter this day to mature me and to perfect His work in me.  God has gifted me today some opportunities to do some of the good works that He prepared in advance for me to do: things He created me to do.

What a loving, precious, generous King!  I will treat this day like a gift!  I will delight in it, be thankful to the Lord for it.  I will not complain about it or grumble about either the circumstances or the people that enter this gift day.

Thank you, Lord, for the abundant gift of this day!

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