Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My favorite outfit!

Well...I think I posted a while back a picture of the first article of clothing that I ever made GirlM.  I made it over a year ago, but since GirlM doesn't grow out (only up) and hasn't gained any weight in a LOOONG time, she can still wear it!  And, I have finally completed the "look" and it my favorite outfit that she has!

There are really 3 flowers on the shirt, a red one, a yellow one, and one that is red w/ white polka dot (like the skirt).

The skirt I made from one of my favorite websites of all time, DanaMadeIt.com.  If you like to sew, but aren't an expert, then you must go there right now and bookmark that page and get started!  I have done several of her projects (tutorials) and they have all turned out fabulous!

Then, the shirt...After about 50 stores we finally found a feminine white t-shirt w/ a tiny ruffle on the collar and the sleeves.  I bought it, used some other tutorial that I found on-line to create those flowers from some scrap fabric, and attached them to the shirt.

Now I had a serious problem...it is relatively cold here.  Even in the "summer", which is really just April and May until the rainy season starts, it is cool in the mornings and the evenings...so she was NEVER gonna get to wear that skirt!  Unless I found some cute tights/leggins/something.

Then I got the fantastic idea (I know, I'm brilliant) of looking for some BabyLegs.  Do you know what those are?  They are leg warmers for babies!!!  Oh, my gosh, there are always so many fun styles and colors, and when I found the ones for this outfit, I was overjoyed! (In the photo it looks like a different red than the skirt, but it is actually a good match)  My only problem is that GirlM wants to wear them with all of her skirts...and needless to say, they don't all match.  So I got her a couple of other pair, and as long as she wears them with the right sort of color family, we're both happy.

Oh, I even have some BabyLegs that I got for BabyK when he was younger, and it was the best b/c he could crawl around on our cold tile floors w/ just his little cloth diaper on, and it was so much easier to change his diaper!  I didn't have to worry about taking pants on and off a squirmy baby.

Anyway, I haven't made GirlM anything since Christmas, so I need to go sew, I guess!  Have a happy week!
(By the way...you can click on "BabyLegs" above and it will take you a cute store where you can buy them w/ free shipping)

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