Friday, June 17, 2011

Food on Friday

I think I am going to start something new. Brynne, our intern for the summer, gave me this idea and I have no idea if will help anyone or not, but we're gonna try it.

I am going to post our weekly menu every Friday here. Every Friday I sit down and make the menu for the next week. I try to take into account our schedule as best as I can and I try to use leftovers. I then use that menu to make my grocery list and I do my weekly shopping on Fridays as well. I never include breakfasts on my menus because I never know what my mornings are going to look like.

For breakfast we usually eat one of the following:
-Cereal (or granola) with yogurt
-peanut butter toast (make toast, spread w/ PB, and pour on a little bit of syrup.)
-Frog on a lilly pad (bread with the center punched out grilled with an egg in the middle...a mix between a fried egg and toast)
-Eggs and beans and toast.

Ok..on to this week's menu.

L: Chicken tomato basil mozzarella pasta.
D: Leftovers for kids, grownups eat out for birthday party
L: crock pot: chicken with tomatoes and onions served over rice with broccoli salad. (everything is made in advance so we can just eat when we get back from church)
D: Leftovers
Lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup with carrot sticks and celery in ranch
Dinner: meatloaf, mixed veggies, and salad
L: Black beans, rice, and coleslaw
D: leftovers
L: Homemade vegetable soup w/ homemade bread.
D: Leftovers
L: Bean empanadas (Gladys will make them) with rice and tomato cucumber salad
D: Mussel soup and bread
L: re-fried black beans, scrambled eggs, handmade corn tortillas
D: Family Fun Night (popcorn, cheese, and fruit)

You might notice that we eat a lot of beans. They are cheap, healthy, and we can make 2 lbs once a week and it serves us many meals. We eat cheap. I usually spend around $50 a week at the store. We buy our meat in bulk like once every 2 months and that costs us around $100 for 30lbs of beef. We don't eat meat everyday. We try to use up all of our leftovers.

If you have any questions or want any recipes, just ask! Maybe this can give you some ideas or inspiration.

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