Thursday, December 09, 2010

Body After Baby Challenge Week 2

Ok...I only have like 5 minutes here to blog because I just put the baby down for a morning nap and I have to finish making a sewing project. I may only get 45 minutes of time w/o him.

I have to report on my progress with Mama Notes Body After Baby Challenge. My goals were to work out (cardio) 3 times, do some strength stuff on the Wii, drink 2L of water every day, go to bed by 9:30, reduce my caffeine, and reduce portion sizes. And lose some weight.

I did work out 3 times...2 times doing some cardio with my Wii fit. I held the baby while doing step and this hula hoop thing for 32 min and then for 26 min. I was trying to make it harder and more of a strength thing. It worked! I was sweating and I was very sore the next day. I also took the dog to the park and instead of just throwing the ball, I would take off running and then try to beat the dog to the ball. I drank maybe 1L of water a couple of the days, and I did reduce portion sizes.

I really want to drink more water! It is hard because I am running all over the place and can't keep track of my cup! haha! And going to bed by 9:30? HA-HA! I was lucky to get to bed by 10:30 this week. And then I get up at 6am and I am just too drained to do any morning work outs. Plus, I have sick BabyK who is waking up to nurse every night. I really just don't have the physical energy to work out while this sleepy. This week I MUST get to bed earlier.

I did drop 2.5 lbs, though! That I am pumped about. It is much easier to keep motivated when the weight comes off.

So, to add to last weeks goals, this week the challenge is to write down everything I eat and to cut out one unhealthy habit. The second part is going to be a challenge. I really don't have very many unhealthy habits that I am not already addressing with the Body After Baby challenge! I mean, I need to drink more...check. I need to sleep more...check. I do drink a cup of coffee every morning but I have limited myself to just one and I am not willing to give it up. I do eat sugar, but I have been limiting myself to like one cookie a day. If I gave that up entirely I think I would rebel! I cookie (or sweet thing) a day is not an unhealthy habit! (at least not in my book...we are into everything in moderation, not elimination!)

If any body has any ideas of what I might could give up, please let me know. I am going to try to continue with my above stated goals and do better this week.

Keep praying for me if you get a chance. I am no busier than any other mom, but finding time to prioritize exercise as well as having had enough sleep to be able to do it is difficult. (Some of you maybe thinking that sleeping from 10:30-6am waking up once to feed the baby is plenty of sleep and I just need to suck it up. I am one of those people who really need 9hrs of uninterrupted sleep to feel full of energy. I know that is unrealistic with 3 kids 4 and under, but if I could even get 8, I think I would have enough energy to function well.)

Thanks for reading! I hope this wasn't too long, but it is good accountability for me.


Samantha said...

2.5 pounds is awesome!! I know what you mean about getting maybe 45 minutes without baby. It makes it very hard for me to go to the gym in the evenings! :)

9:30 is early- I am usually in bed by 10:30! And with the water, I know it is hard. I have a big jug from the hospital still that has a straw in it so I can take big drinks with no hands which comes in handy while holding a baby :)

Crystal HW said...

Great work on the 2.5 lbs this week..AWSOME! I know what you mean about needing enough sleep. It is hard!

Wile nursing, ruel of thumb that helped me. If baby is thirsty, mommy is thirsty. Try to drink when you nurse. It is a good habit to get into that helps with the water consumption that helped me.

harmony said...

Great work on the weight loss, very impressive!

Why not just really focus in one of your goals this week like the water. I am always surprised when I make sure I drink all of my water I loose more weight.