Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick family

Many of you know that we have had some sickness in our home. First Brandon got it with some tummy troubles. It lasted one night.

Then I got it. It lasted 5 days. Then Brandon got it again and GirlM got it. They got over it really quickly.

Then BoyD got a serious cold/cough. (103 degree fever under arm!) It went into an ear infection about the time that Brandon, BabyK, and I got it. The next day GirlM came down with it. BabyK and GirlM are still fighting the cough, but are mostly better. Brandon and I are feeling much better.

Here are a couple of photos to document our sicknesses:

Don't these kiddos look charming?

And now our booger-sucker broke. Kind of a problem, but the bulb syringe is working O.K. for now.

We are so glad that we are better! It feels good to be well.


haitimom said...

Oh my goodness!!! If I had gotten that pic. while you'll were still sick I would have gotten to Mia, then to Guat. Of course how I could have gotten to Xala is another question. I guess it is good I did not get it. I just wanted to cry.

But God took care of you all. Oh thank you Lord and I am soooo glad you are all better. Did Brandon look as bad as the rest of you??
I am glad you sent the pic. But I sure hope this does not happen again. If it does, I'm coming! even if I have to ride one of those buses to Xala. ( Didn't mean that to sound like a threat)

Alicia said...

I'm so glad you're better too. I think being a sick mom with sick kids is the hardest thing in the world. Right now Hannah's sick, and it's seriously heartbreaking for me! I hope you guys stay well.

mutating missionary said...

loving you from here to there