Friday, January 01, 2010

BabyK update

Just to keep you informed, we are going to the hospital on Tuesday (not sure when, yet) to try a procedure called external cephalic version. Basically, I get hooked up to an IV, some monitors, and an ultrasound. They will then lube up my belly and try to actually move the baby into a head down position. It works about 50-60% of the time, although there is some small risk of tearing the placenta or distressing the baby. (Hence the IV...just in case an emergency c-section is necessary)

On Monday, I am going to try to see an acupuncturist. I read about a technique where they burn some herb to warm your little toes. That seems to work about the same percentage of the time. Its a little weird, but I'm willing to try just about anything! :)

That is less expensive than the hospital version. I am also spending time with my hips in the air, both on my back and my hands and knees. With light and music near my pelvic bone.

Most importantly, we are praying. Please continue to pray with us! This baby has been fashioned by His hands, and He is in control of where BabyK's head is!

Thanks for praying! I have 2.5 weeks before my due date. We're getting close! :)

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Alicia said...

Praying! And I'm glad you documented these techniques to look back on some day to see all the things we do for our kids. =) Hang in there, and thanks for keeping us posted. Let us know how Monday/Tuesday go.