Monday, October 26, 2009

Interesting day

GirlM got stung by a bee this morning. It was floating in the dog's water bowl, and she just reached in and grabbed it.

She came running into the house crying forcefully. When I saw her, I saw that she had something on her hand, and I though that she had picked up a piece of dog poop. Nope. It was a bee stuck to her thumb. I flicked it off right away, but the stinger was still in her. Brandon came out of his office with his trusty pocket knife and scraped the stinger off.

After some meat tenderizer, tried and failed crushed papaya extract, and finally a compress of chewed up pipe tobacco (thanks are a great father), she was as good as new! In just a couple of hours, the swelling had gone down and she was using her hand like normal.

Then this evening, a couple of Guatemalan kids who shine our shoes and wash our cars on Sundays came by. They told us that they couldn't find a bus to their town (about 45 min. away) and asked if they could stay here. Um. No. No, they can't stay here.

We called Gladys (the lady who works for us) and asked. Turns out the last bus was not for another hour and a half, so we gave them bus money and sent them on their way. We should have given them some food, but we didn't think about it until it was too late.

I made southern cornbread for lunch. With the bee sting episode, it wasn't ready until 1:45, so we ate it for supper. But in one cast iron skillet, there was 1/2 cup of butter. That is 90 grams of fat, just in the butter. That doesn't include the 1/8 cup of oil that greased the bottom of the skillet. Needless to say, it was really good cornbread.

So we had that for dinner with some black beans and some queso fresco (fresh cheese). Yum! And then, for dessert (for the kids sad), I fried a piece of cornbread in a skillet with a pad of butter until it was crispy, and then we layered it with some cookie ice-cream. We are trying to fatten up GirlM, and BoyD could use the fat as well. I tasted it. It was to die for. A great way to use up left over cornbread.

Ok...that is about it for the day. Oh, and BoyD, after dinner, said his tummy was hurting. Maybe we over did it with the butter.


Michelle said...

I love cornbread but you're right..very fattening!

What was the concern with the kids who said they missed their bus? Do you not know them well enough to stay over or is it unsafe to have kids stay at your house?

Never been to Guatemala or really anywhere outside of the USA (except Canada and parts of Mexico). I am fascinated with your stories of living outside of the USA. You are a blessing to the ones around you. May God bless your family and your ministry!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Michelle - With the kids that missed their bus, we don't know them. They are like 8 and 14, and they are two boys that roam the neighborhoods to try to find work. We usually pay them to wash the car or shine our shoes, but they are not allowed in our house. I wouldn't allow them in my house in the states either, seeing as I have two little kids that would be at risk. They aren't like neighborhood kids whose parents you know.

Also, even if we didn't have kids, we could wake up with our TV gone, our DVDs, and any other valuables that those kids could find! We have SO MUCH more than they do, it just isn't a good idea to invite them in to see just how much better we live than they do. I mean, most likely, they live in an adobe house with a tin room, dirt floors, and curtains strung up for doors. They might not have a bathroom in their house, and they for sure don't have a washer/dryer.

Anyway, so that is the situation with the kids. Does that make sense? Maybe I should have put that in the original post. Love ya!