Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mosquito Bite

Just for fun...or because I'm morbid, I wanted to post another couple of photos of BoyD when he got a mosquito bite.

This was a different bite than the one shown below, but had similar dramatic affects. The circle is the bite, the little dot being the center of the bite. Poor baby was a little freaked out when he woke up that morning.


Rob and Becky said...

Drew had a couple of time when he was in his 2's where he woke up with and eye looking like that!! It's kind of freaky! He actually would get some kind of skin infection that required oral antibiotics. He's still pretty sensitive to bug bites-- when we wre in NJ last, his whole arm/hand swelled up from mosquitoes. I'm already praying the bugs in Haiti are kind to him! ~Becky

Brandon and Jenny said...

Well, if it helps at all, the mosquitoes here don't do that to him. He itches for like a year, but no giant swelling! Maybe the Haiti bugs are a little less...venomous. Except for the malaria and stuff.

Daphne said...

Poor guy, I feel for him. Isaac had a reaction like that, both eyes were swollen shut but it was to peanut butter. It was scary for all of us. It was great to see you last week. I always look forward to out team meetings :)