Monday, December 08, 2008

Skinny BabyM

Well...I really haven't been posting much. I have a lot on my mind. I am worried for one of the first times in my life. I mean really worried. Now, please, don't give me any comments about how I shouldn't worry, and how worrying doesn't add a day to your life, etc. If you have ever had a child with a serious health issue, or even a potential minor health issue, you know, that worry (aka concern) is really unavoidable.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not worried like this: sitting, anticipating all of the bad things that are going to happen, and then giving myself an ulcer over what might not ever happen. When I say worry, I mean that many times throughout the day, thoughts of concern and desire for the best for my baby girl come to my mind, and I have to stop and pray for her. Thoughts of how I can help her permeate my life as well as varying plans to "solve" the problem. is the problem. BabyM is very underweight. She weighs only 15lbs 10oz and she is a month short of 1 year. She should be weighing closer to 19-20 lbs. Even for being petite, she isn't even on the charts.

We have been working on this "issue" for about a month now, and the first 5 days she gained 10 ounces and we really celebrated! But, in the last 3 weeks, she has grown 1 cm in lenght, .5cm in head circumference, and only 2 ounces. That is really not good. If she was a healthy weight, she should be gaining 2-3 ounces a week, and she is already underweight.

We have been force feeding her all of the fattiest, carb loadiest things we could find. Cream with her meat, butter on her veggies, yogurt with her fruit, etc. Well, she has also had diarrhea on and off since we started feeding her, but we live in Guatemala! Every one I know has diarrhea on and off. Well, now, the diarrhea is keeping her from gaining weight.

We will do a second round of feces and urine tests tomorrow (the first set came back clear). We are cutting out all dairy (all the things we were giving) as well as all wheat. Not an easy thing. I think we can find some health food stores here that will sell some dairy and wheat free stuff. It is hard to help the girl gain weight w/o typical wheat carbs and dairy fat.

All that to say, please pray for our little girl. Please pray that we can find what is wrong. Please pray that it is no more serious than lactose intollerance.

We have been trying so hard to make some progress with her eating and nursing. She just won't eat much or nurse for very long. And then I go to the doctor today to find out that all that work was for 2 ounces. 2 ounces in 3 weeks. 3 weeks!

Anyway, now that this is out in blog sphere, I will post more as soon as I know more. Thanks in advance to those of you who read this and will pray for our little precious baby girl.


Rob and Becky said...

I'm so sorry :( I will be praying for answers so you can get help for sweet baby M. ~Becky

Alicia said...

We're on our knees for sweet BabyM.
I was just reading an article on celiac disease. The symptoms are diarrhea and failure to grow. The solution is to go gluten-free. So maybe you are already fixing her by this change of diet. If this turns out to be what poor M is going through, and you need gluten-free groceries, I would be more than happy to shop for you here and ship food to you.
Please keep us posted, and we'll pray our hearts out for your sweet child.

(I absolutely cannot get over how cute she is! What a sweetheart. I so wish we lived closer so she and Hannah could play.)

Alicia said...

Oh, and this is totally off-topic, but I thought it might make you smile. I think of you every time I'm doing laundry. =) Why? Because I have to use a lint roller before I put any article of Hannah's clothing in the washing machine, or it's permanently covered in dog fur. I think the only reason my house looks clean in pictures is because my dogs' hair is the same color as the carpet. =)
Also, I'm getting really jealous of your pila. Wonder if we can find one here in Texas. The other day was a messy one (we'll just leave it at that) around here, and I was rinsing lots of clothes and burp cloths before putting them in the washing machine wishing I had a pila to scrub them in. What an incredibly useful kitchen staple!

Sarah said...

We are praying.

Brandon and Jenny said...
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Brandon and Jenny said...

Thank you all so much for your prayers. I am still holding out hope that all this will turn out to be nothing and we can just resume our lives! And Alicia, thank you so much for the grocery offer, and we might just take you up on that! I wish that we lived closer so that you and I could play!

He-He...and the pila is the coolest thing. Whenever we take a trip back to the states, I am always at a loss as to what to do with really dirty clothes, car seats, blankets, etc. Maybe you could find one of those ol'timey wash boards. That is essentially the same thing, just mine is concrete and attached to a huge utility sink.

Thank you for your prayer. Reading each of your comments makes me tear up with...I don't know...Just to know that you are supported and prayed for means so much.

Susan M said...

I will pray for baby M and for you and your family. Ditto the groceries; just let us know what you need! Also, the formula offer still stand; I have access to EVERY kind of formula. Hang in there; you are doing all the right things.