Monday, June 16, 2008

Great News....and I'm un poco triste.

I wanted to first thank all of you who have been praying for us and the situation with the abandoned baby girl. Something extraordinary happened. Very abnormal.

The baby's mother and family came forward. The mother was underage (probably 14-15) and hid the pregnancy from her family. Somehow the facts came to light and they grandparents of the baby, as well as the baby's uncle want her. That is such incredible news. They only just came forward, but there is significant interest by the family to take care of her. A permanent home is going to be so good for her.

We finally had to go to a lawyer to get the information, and he knew the judge and called him on our behalf to get the whole scoop. I am so glad that the family came forward now instead of months or even years from now.

I have to admit, that although I am extremely relieved that she will be with her family, and also a little bit relieved that I won't be taking care of two tiny babies at the same time (not to mention Deacon and our 1 year old lab) and trying to be in language school, I am a touch sad. We had prepared our hearts to take in this little girl, and in doing so, I had began to imagine what life would be like with her in our lives. I began to love her and I haven't even met her.

All in all, we are so pleased with the results of all of this, and we feel like a little chapter in our lives has closed. We also realized that most likely we will try to adopt some little baby sometime in the future.

Thank you again for all of our prayers. We believe that God answered them faithfully.


Renee' said...

What an amazing answer to all the prayers. One thing I seem to be reminded of every time a situation pops up that needs quick, "emergency" prayers is that God does answer the prayers by handling the situation, but rarely is it the way I anticipated. I even think I am trying not to anticipate the outcome but am only human in doing so. What is amazing is that quite often the outcome was not even something I ever thought of. It did not dawn on me to pray that the mother might come forward and that the baby's family might care for her. I did pray that God take care of all involved and that his plan is put into action. I prayed prayers of thanksgiving for Brandon and Jenny's giving and faithful hearts. I never doubted that God was in control, but once again gave people the power over God. Although I do have tremendous faith in God, I guess my lack of faith in some people (the parents in this case) and my admiration and faith in Brandon and Jenny clouded my faith in God. I keep reminding myself God is BIGGER than us...both believers and non-believers. What a silly thing to need to remind myself! Thank you for sharing this with us all Brandon and Jenny and thank you for your kind, generous and faithful hearts! Sorry for the VERY LONG comment...needed to think this one through out loud!

Lisa B. said...

So glad everything worked out well for the little girl. We'll still keep praying for her; obviously the situation is not completely ideal. You two have the biggest hearts - to love her before even taking her in, regardless of the cost to your personal lives. We admire you both so much!
Brian & Lisa B.

cookiehawk77 said...

God may have been opening your eyes to a possibility of adoption in the future, as you mentioned. I praise God she will be surrounded by loving family. But it's still hard for you!