Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We're all ok!

(photo is not from here!) Well, we felt our first earthquake here in Guatemala. It isn't our first one, but it is the first one we've felt. We have had a couple of inquiries as to how we are doing so I wanted to fill you in on what happened.

It was a 6.8 earthquake off the pacific coast of Guatemala. At about 1:30 our time, we were getting lunch together when the gate at the foot of our stairs started rattling. Then all of a sudden a photo from the top of our TV fell down. It still didn't register what had happened. Then, when our hanging light fixtures started swaying Brandon said "This is an earthquake!" It was very cool b/c we could feel the house sort of swaying a little. Now don't get me wrong, it was extremely mild, and if we had been outside, we wouldn't have even noticed it. Deacon and I hung out under a support beam for next 15 seconds and then it was over! We have felt no aftershocks here or anything, and the picture that fell didn't even break.

So, all is well, and the Texas couple enjoyed the adventure.


Nathan said...
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Nathan said...

Kim called me yesterday to let me know it had happened. You will be happy to know that at the time I was sitting at the new Bahama Buck's on Valley.

The conversation went something like this:

Kim: Hey, Guatemala had a 6.8 earthquake today.

Nathan: Really!?!

Kim: I think you should write Brandon.

Nathan: Why? I am pretty sure they know there was an earthquake.

Kim: To see if they're ok, dummy.

(Long Pause)

Nathan: I'm gonna go have a sno cone.

Can't wait to get there.

mutating missionary said...

well i for one am thankful you are ok
did you know that they have earthquakes in the schwarzwald?
yep - i'm hoping I never experience one :-)